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Parking Meter Pilot Program

The City of Jackson has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the purchase of a new parking meter system which will allow for the implementation of a parking meter pilot program on Capitol Street in downtown Jackson.

The goal of this RFP is to modernize the city’s current parking meter system by using single-spaced smart meters that will allow patrons the option to pay by credit card, coin, or phone. Each meter will communicate via cloud-based data management system that supports meter and revenue management goals. The new meters will also be compatible with enforcement support technologies to further improve the efficiency of the city’s limited enforcement staff. A purchase made based on this RFP will equip the city to manage its meter program in house without seeking an outside contractor.

“We are excited to launch a more efficient parking system for our citizens and visitors. This venture allows JACKSON to move closer to the goal of a modern mobility solution. Moreover, as cities across the nation are facing issues with balancing revenue with the competing needs of constituents, we can no long have inefficient means of collecting the revenue that supports our goals,” said Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba.

Currently, many of the City of Jackson’s parking meters are over 20-years-old and non-functional, resulting in a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue each year. Recommendations for the successful implementation of a new, modern parking meter system across the city include general goals and policy changes and a five-year plan to replace or retrofit every meter in the system (1,161 meters). The first step outlined is a 150 Meter Pilot Program on Capitol Street.

Goals for the modernization of the system include:

  • Create 10-15% on street parking availability (85-90% Occupancy)
  • Create revenue sufficient for long term meter program sustainability
  • Create public confidence in effectiveness of the system
  • Create positive public perception of the system
  • Create clear communication of policies and expectations

The Capitol Street Pilot Program is essential to the long-term success of the overall plan. An initial estimated investment in the pilot program yields sufficient revenue after just one year to pay for the second phase of the project, and each subsequent phase thereafter. At each phase, additional enforcement equipment, enforcement personnel, and maintenance personnel are recommended as revenue can support them. At substantial completion, the system should yield between $1,451,250 and $2,176,875 in gross revenue. The system will require approximately $500,000 in annual operating costs at completion, leaving substantial revenue available for future projects, upgrades, and expansions.

This RFP is based on the Draft 2019 City of Jackson On-Street Parking Program Recommendations and Implementation Plan that was prepared by the Department of Planning with the assistance of a work committee from Police, Finance, and Public Works. The draft plan is also being made publicly available alongside the RFP request.

An additional project outline was included in the plan for the Fondren Expansion option, but has slightly different needs due to being a neighborhood center instead of a downtown. It is recommended that the Fondren Expansion not occur until the Capitol Street Pilot Project is completed successfully.

This plan also outlines substantial policy and structure recommendations to allow for long term sustainability of the system, including price structure changes that would increase the minimum rate to $1.00 per hour and explore the use of progressive pricing models. The development of a leadership structure and a dedicated meter revenue fund are also significant policy recommendations. These policy changes are only recommendations at this time and will need to be approved by Council prior to implementation.

The project cost and revenue models included in the plan will be updated once the RFP response period has ended and the city has selected a provider. RFP responses are due May 14, 2019 and will be immediately evaluated upon receipt.  A detailed timeline for the Capitol Street Pilot Project will be available after the RFP has been awarded, but work is expected to begin in the fall.

Comments and questions can be directed to Jordan Rae Hillman, AICP at

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