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The City of Jackson’s Water and Sewer Business Administration is now JXN Water. Click here.



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Toya Martin Director of Human Resources 601-960-1327 Email
Vickie Perry Deputy Director of Human Resources 601-960-1630 Email
OPEN/VACANT HR Executive Office Coordinator 601-960-1746
Emma Gaddis HR Administrative Clerk 601-960-1053 Email
Rochelle White Human Resources Clerk Part-Time 601-960-1042 Email
Sherry Wright Human Resources Business Partner 601-960-1710 Email
Sabrina Houston Code Enforcement Officer 601-960-1671 Email
Gwendolyn Nelson Rental Registration Supervisor 601-960-1671 Email
Luke Warren Code Enforcement Officer 601-960-1671 Email
Torsha Humphris Research Technician 601-960-1671 Email
Kandra Johnson Building Permit and Inspections Admin Clerk 601-960-1160 Email
Chardonae Craft Research Technician 601-960-1054 Email
Austin Kyles Code Enforcement Officer 601-960-1054 Email
Melissa Faith Payne Communications Director 601-960-2363 Email
Marcus Scott Code Enforcement Officer 601-960-1054 Email
James Bennett Code Enforcement Officer 601-960-1054 Email
Vincent McDonald Code Enforcement Officer 601-960-1054 Email
Vacant Deputy Director of Parks & Recreation
Mya Lee Development Assistance Representative 601.960.1856 Email
IT Help Desk PC Support 601-960-1256 Email
Fidelis Malembeka, Jr. Chief Financial Officer 601-960-2311 Email
Catoria P. Martin City Attorney 601-960-1799 Email
Nakira Willis Recreation Youth Sports Coordinator 601-960-0471 Email
Louis P. Wright, Sr. Chief Administrative Officer 601-960-2312 Email
Rodney Miller Mechanical Inpsector 601-960-1160 Email
Larri Lindsey Franchise Administrator Email
Christopher Sweeney Code Enforcement Officer 601-960-1054 Email
Samantha Graves Interim Manager of Community Improvement 601-960-1054 Email
Sherri Ford Research Tech 601-960-1054 Email
Delois Daniels Research Tech 601-960-1054 Email
LaTonya Miller Deputy Director of Code Services 601-960-1993 Email
Robert Brunson Community Improvement Supervisor 601-960-1054 Email
Yika Hoover Deputy Director of Economic Development 601-960-1611 Email
Chloe Dotson Director of Planning and Development 601-960-1993 Email
Ward 6 – Vonda G. Reeves Commissioner
Ward 2 – Jennifer R. Johnson Commissioner
Ward 7 – Matthew M. McLaughlin Vice Chairman
Ward 3 – Alexander K. Lawson, Jr. Chairman
Ward 1 – John C. Dinkins Commissioner
Jalyssa Cline Building Permit and Inspections Admin Clerk Email
Kortnie Starling Senior Planner Email
LaaWanda Jones Horton Director of Administration 601-960-1005 Email
Chokwe Antar Lumumba Mayor 601-960-1084 Email
Safiya R. Omari, PhD Chief of Staff 601-960-2396 Email
Tiffany Murray Executive Assistant to the Mayor & Chief of Staff 601-960-1084 Email
Chris Gray Constituent Services Manager 601-960-1084 Email
Andy L. Boone 311 Action Line Manager 601-960-1111 Email
LaShunda Franklin Internal Audit Division Manager 601-960-1084 Email
Kai Y. Williams Jackson Films Office Director and PEG Manager 601-960-0466 Email
Meagan Gosa Public Information Officer & Executive Writer 601-960-0462 Email
Willie G. Owens, Fire Chief Fire Chief 601-960-1392 Email
Patrick Armon, Assistant Fire Chief Assistant Fire Chief 601-960-2148 Email
James E. Davis, Chief of Police Chief of Police 601-960-1217 Email
Vincent Grizzell, Assistant Chief of Administration Assistant Chief of Administration 601-960-1950 Email
Tyrone Buckley, Deputy Chief Deputy Chief (601) 960-1951 Email
Ricky Robinson 601-960-1926 Email
Brenda P. Stewart HR Training Manager 601-960-2315 Email
Veleanor Ballard Equal Employment Opportunity Officer 601-960-1050 Email
Robert Lee, P.E. Director/City Engineer 601- 960-1651 Email
Latonya Ingram Human Resource Business Partner 601-960-1151 Email
Ison B. Harris, Jr. 601-960-0471 Email
Danielle Thomas Pittman Human Resource Business Partner 601-960-1047 Email
Abram Muhammad Director of Parks & Recreation 601-960-0471 Email
Shannon Amos Executive Office Coordinator 601-960-0716 Email
Charles Melvin Athletic Manager - Athletic Division 601-960-0653 Email
Angela M. White Recreation Manager/Development Director- Jackson Zoo 601-960-0655 Email
Lisa Wilson Recreation Manager- Programming Division 601-960-0635 Email
Vickie Dykes Recreation Center Coordinator/ Reservationist 601-960-0643 Email
Sharifa Graves Human Resource Business Partner 601-960-1052 Email
Willette Doyle HR Compensation and Compliance Officer 601-960-1699 Email
Roderrick “Rod” Oliver Benefits Administrator 601-960-1051 Email
Keisha L. Milton Athletics Supervisor 601-960-0653 Email
Alexander Spann 601-960-1834 Email
James Crump Manager - Park Maintenance 601-960-0492 Email
Angela White Recreation Supervisor- Programming Division 601-960-0655 Email
Lisa Wilson Recreation Manager- Programming Division 601-960-0635 Email
Pamela A. Scott, Ph.D., LCSW Director 601-960-0764 Email
Pam Johnson Benefits Specialist 601-960-2288 Email
Vacant Recreation Supervisor- Programming Division
Linda Clark Recreation Center Coordinator - Mynelle Gardens 601-960-1894 Email
Mike Williams Deputy Director of Cultural Services 601-960-1537 Email
Beverley Johnson-Durham Executive Office Coordinator 601-960-0383 Email
Mike WIlliams Division Manager - Russell C. Davis Planetarium 601-960-0314 Email
Angie Ladner Division Manager - Municipal Auditorium (Thalia Mara Hall) 601-960-1537 Email
Theresa King Division Manager - Smith Robertson Museum & Cultural Center 601-960-1457 Email
Monica Hill Division Manager - Municipal Art Gallery 601-960-1582 Email
Connie Taylor Division Manager - Senior Services 601-960-0412 Email
Jasmine Thigpen Division Manager - Family and Youth Services 601-960-0556 Email
Kuwasi Omari Youth Program Coordinator 601-960-2429 Email
Cassandra Warren Project Supervisor - Senior Community Service Employment Program 601-960-0419 Email
Demetra Taylor Accountant II 601-960-0438 Email
Carolyn Lockhart Receptionist 601-960-0335 Email
Shirley Jelks Fiscal Officer 601-960-0682 Email
Elliott Holmes, Deputy Fire Chief Deputy Fire Chief - Emergency Services 601-960-1057 Email
Cleotha Sanders Jr., Deputy Fire Chief Deputy Fire Chief - Fire Loss Management 601-960-0893 Email
Marcus Myers, Division Fire Chief Division Fire Chief 601-960-1401 Email
Michael McCelleis, Division Fire Chief Division Fire Chief 601-960-1402 Email
Percy Evans, Chief Fire Marshal Division Fire Marshal - Fire Marshal 601-960-2401 Email
Dwight McKinney, Division Fire Chief Division Fire Chief - Community Relations and Fire Safety Education Division 601-960-1553 Email
George Horn, Division Fire Chief Division Fire Chief - Training, Safety and Research Development Division 601-960-1523 Email
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