2021-Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Lead and Copper Repeat Notification January 2023


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Division Fire Chief

JFD Command Staff

Marcus Myers, Division Fire Chief

Marcus Myers is a Division Fire Chief of the Emergency Services Division. Chief Myers started his career in the fire service in December of 2002, and was assigned to his first station, Municipal Fire Station Number 22 located on Lakeshore Road. Chief Myers quickly moved up in the ranks and achieved the highest rank in the Emergency Services Division as a District Fire Chief in District 2. Chief Myers has obtained many certifications in several areas of the fire service including Chemistry of Hazardous Materials and Haz-Mat Technician.

Chief Myers is a product of the City of Jackson, MS. Chief Myers attended and graduated high school from John W. Provine High School, also known as, “Ram City.” Chief Myers is married to Latasha Myers and has two beautiful children; Alexys Rand and Kameron. Everyone who knows Chief Myers knows that he loves watching his Tennessee Titans on Sundays, as well as hanging out with his family and friends. TITAN UP!

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