2021-Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Lead and Copper Repeat Notification January 2023

Proclamation of Local Emergency

Trash Pick Up Do's and Don'ts

The City of Jackson’s Water and Sewer Business Administration is now JXN Water. Click here.

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Americans with Disabilities Act

The ADA Disabilities Office is designed to ensure that all City of Jackson buildings and infrastructures are ADA compliance.  The ADA office also provides services for residents with Disabilities to increase opportunities which will empower them to live as independently and productively as possible. In addition, ADA is responsible for connecting, supporting, and encouraging collaborative civic engagement between individuals within the disability community,  neighborhoods, and city government.

jobs for jacksonians

Jobs for Jacksonians

The purpose of the Jobs for Jacksonians Program is to provide employment assistance and a single point of access to services that can help individuals successfully enter or re-enter the workforce.  The goal of the program is to provide interviewing techniques, information on how to dress appropriately for job interviews and match them with employers that may have vacant positions.

Jackson meals matter

Jackson Meals MatterJackson Meals Matter is a city-wide anti-hunger awareness campaign that provides a youth meal site resource map for residents in an effort to ensure every child in the City of Jackson has access to three meals a day, every day. We work with youth meal sponsors to strengthen their services by providing technical assistance and other community-based resources as needed. In addition, Jackson Meals Matter has formed a task force of food insecurity and anti-hunger experts who work together to solve the cities hunger issues.

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