Lead and Copper Repeat Notification 2022


Mayor Lumumba issues updated Safe Recovery Jackson Executive Order.

Support Services Division

Support Services is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the department’s strategic crime-fighting initiatives and implementing new technologies and projects.

Fleet Management is responsible for accurately tracking and monitoring of the Jackson Police Department's vehicle fleet. Duties of responsibility also include ordering, receiving, inventorying, and issuing all departmental vehicles. This includes not only patrol vehicles, but also trailers, pick-up trucks, unmarked vehicles, specialty vehicles, and administrative vehicles.  The Vehicle Manager is also responsible for the marking of the vehicles and the end of life cycle disposal of vehicles.

The Impound Lot personnel is responsible for the inventory and releases of impounded vehicles in the possession of the Jackson Police Department.

The Grants unit is responsible for recognizing, procurement, and managing alternative sources of funding for new equipment, technology, and community-based programs. Funds from these programs support a broad range of activities that prevent and control crimes and also enable the department to acquire equipment, up-to-date technology, and many other essential tools.

The Evidence & Recovered Property Unit keeps, maintains, and organizes all department-owned, seized, or recovered property. The unit responsibilities include: storage and proper disposition of evidence, contraband and property turned in by sworn personnel of the Jackson Police Department. Additionally, the Unit disposes of narcotics, illegal and unclaimed weapons, and other property.  The unit attempts to return the recovered property to the rightful owner.


Support Services Contact Information

Grants Unit601-960-0729
Public Information Officer601-960-1323
Security Guard - City Buildings601-960-1037
Mayor's Dignitary601-960-1037
Fleet Management601-960-1337
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