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Investigative Services Bureau

Jackson Police Department’s Major Investigation Division is dedicated to providing service with understanding, response with compassion, performance, committed and integrity. Our Detectives strive to maintain working partnership with our Federal Taskforce Partners. We serve to the best of our abilities, and strive to obtain the cooperation and support necessary in the completion of successful investigations and methods of crime prevention.

The Auto Theft unit investigates all stolen vehicles, carjacked vehicles, recovered/stolen vehicles (including those stolen from other jurisdictions) and to perform salvage yard inspections. The Auto Theft Unit is responsible for make certain all stolen vehicles are entered on NCIC (National Crime Information Center) and that all vehicles recovered are cleared. The Auto Theft Unit handles arrests of suspects and assists Patrol Operations on all stolen auto related cases.

Crime Analysis is responsible for the coding of offense and supplementary reports to meet the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation's Uniform Crime Report (UCR) standard.  Crime Analysis is responsible for the accurate mapping of crime data and any other mapping or criminal statistical report requests that are requested by the Chief of Police.

The mission of the Crime Scene Unit is to respond to various felony crimes (i.e. burglaries, robberies, homicides, rapes and suspicious packages). The Crime Scene Unit photographs, searches, and collects evidence at the scene of a crime. The goals of the Crime Scene Unit are to respond promptly, collect and preserve all evidence, and work closely with Patrol Officers and Detectives. The unit will collect and package evidence and prepare all reports in a time frame not to delay the investigation.

The Forensic Crime Laboratory is responsible for performing scientific testing on physical evidence submitted by law enforcement officers to determine its value in criminal investigations.

The mission of the Crimes Against Persons/Homicide & Robbery Unit is to investigate all deaths (to include homicide, suicide, natural and suspicious deaths), felony assaults, robberies and all weapon violations. Detectives conduct thorough investigations to include crime scene, locating and interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects. Investigators coordinate their investigations with responding uniform patrol officers, forensic specialists, any applicable law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney. Investigators are responsible for, and prepare, extensive case files for prosecution.

The Intelligence Unit collects information from various law enforcement sources to research, analyze and disseminate information on a “right to know” and “need to know” basis to sworn personnel. This unit also provides support to the various specialized units in Major Investigations by locating witnesses, suspects, vehicles, relatives and or addresses.
The goals of the Intelligence Unit is to to better filter and disseminate real time information to the sworn officers and to continue to provide support for the specialized units.

Commander Abraham Thompson

Major Investigations Contact Information

Accident Investigations 601-960-1353 / 601-960-1689
Auto Theft 601-960-2713 / 601-960-1641
Cease Fire 601-960-2304 / 601-960-1805
Crime Stoppers 601-355-TIPS (8477)
Chaplains 601-960-1890
Crime Analysis 601-960-1251 / 601-960-1082
Crime Scene Investigations 601-960-1350
Forensic Crime Lab 601-960-1285
Forgery/Fraud 601-960-1285 / 601-960-2357
Homicide & Robbery 601-960-1205 / 601-960-2293
Intelligence 601-960-1512
Juvenile/ Sex Crimes 601-960-1210 / 601-960-2293
Missing Persons 601-960-2328 / 601-960-2234
Property Crimes 601-960-1641 / 601-960-2374
Vice & Narcotics 601-960-1202 / 601-960-1206
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