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Voter & Election Information

Angela Harris
Municipal Clerk

Department of Municipal Clerk
219 South President St.
Jackson, MS 39201
Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM

Precinct Changes


Voter Registration

In order to register to vote please for Municipal elections, please visit the Municipal Clerk's office or the Hinds County Circuit Clerk's office.

Absentee Voting

An Official Application must be completed, notarized, and submitted to the Municipal Clerks
Office to receive the ballot and no later than instructions five (5) days before the election.
Once the Ballot is received and completed before an “attesting witness”, it must be submitted
and reach the registrar of your precinct no later than 5:00 pm on the day preceding the date
of the election. You may return it through the mail or in-person but must be postmarked
before Election Day, notarized, and sealed according to the instructions on the envelope.

When the application accompanies the ballot, it shall not be returned in the same envelope
as a ballot but shall be returned in a separate pre-addressed envelope provided by the
registrar. Any voter casting an absentee ballot who declares that he/she requires assistance
for reasons of disability or temporary disability which includes reading or writing, shall be
entitled to receive assistance by someone other than a candidate on the ballot in marking the
ballot and affidavit.

You are eligible to vote absentee if you are a qualified and registered voter who will be
absent from your county of residence on Election Day, or are:

  • A disabled war veteran who is a patient in any hospital and a citizen of Mississippi
  • A citizen of Mississippi temporarily residing outside the territorial limits of the United States and the District of Columbia
  • An employee engaged in interstate transportation
  • A student, teacher, or administrator
  • An employee engaged in offshore employment, or as an employee on a vessel or other watercraft
  • An employee, businessperson, professional, tradesman, or worker required to be over 50 miles away from the county of residence on election day due to employment
  • A person with a temporary or permanent physical disability 65 years of age or older
  • A parent, spouse, or dependent of a person with a temporary or permanent disability
    hospitalized more than 50 miles from the home county and with such person Election
  • A member of a congressional delegation

Election Commissioners

Ward 1 Election Commissioner- Vacant
Ward 2 Election Commissioner- Willie Cooper
Ward 3 Election Commissioner- Sandra Griffin McCall
Ward 4 Election Commissioner- Linda Sanders
Ward 5 Election Commissioner- Frances Hampton
Ward 6 Election Commissioner- Vacant
Ward 7 Election Commissioner- Anthony Vernaci
The Election Commissioners numbers are: (601) 960-6615 and (601) 960-4359

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