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Department of Municipal Clerk

Municipal Clerk Department

Angela Harris
Municipal Clerk

Department of Municipal Clerk
219 South President St.
Jackson, MS 39201
Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM

The oldest of public servants in local government, the mission of the Municipal Clerk’s Office is to maintain the integrity of all governmental processes, provide administrative and technical support to all City departments, protect and preserve official city documents, and assist with all municipal elections.

The Municipal Clerk reports directly to the Mayor and works with all departments and the public. The Municipal Clerk is responsible for all duties statutorily set forth in the Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated (MCA), including the following:

  • All Municipal Elections and Voter Registration
  • Keeping and maintaining all official City records
  • Bid Openings
  • Publications
  • City Ordinances
  • Processing of public records requests

Public Records Request

It is the duty of the Municipal Clerk to provide access to public records in accordance with the Public Records Act, subject to exemptions prescribed in the Act, records retention and other applicable law.

In order to access public records, the requester must request an identifiable record or class of records. An identifiable record is not a request for “information” in general. The Act does not require the City of Jackson, Mississippi to respond to public records requests that are interrogatories. The Act does not require the City of Jackson, Mississippi to create a new record to fulfill a request for public records.

Upon receipt of any fee required to reimburse the City of Jackson for the actual cost of searching, reviewing and/or duplicating and, if applicable, mailing requested public records, the City of Jackson will fulfill the public records request within seven working days, unless additional time is required due to the voluminous nature of the request. For more information on the Act, please visit the Mississippi Ethics Commission.

Mailing Address: 
Department of Municipal Clerk
Attn: Open Records Department
219 South President Street
Post Office Box 17
Jackson, MS 39205
*Please include your reference number with payments so that it will be credited properly.



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