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Community Relations & Fire Safety Education

Jackson Fire Department
Community Relations and Fire Safety Education
355 West Woodrow Wilson Ave.
Jackson, MS 39213
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Community Relations and Fire Safety Education is to educate all citizens and visitors of Jackson, Mississippi on saving lives and property from fires and how to prepare for natural disasters.  This is accomplished by hands on training in schools, churches, neighborhood associations, civic organizations and health fairs.  The program provides free hand-out informational pamphlets, free smoke alarms and other safety material for educating the public.  The Fire Safety House is a tool used for training small children as well as adults on all phases of home protection and fire evacuation.  The Fire Museum is used to teach people the history of the Jackson Fire Department and educate them on the advancement of the fire equipment and fire apparatuses.


Nearly everyone who lives in, or visits The City of Jackson is positively impacted by The Community Relations and Fire Safety Education Division.  Our aim is to physically meet with the general public on a personable one on one level by swapping ideas, information, and being totally accessible to one another.  We have numerous parades and other functions in which our fire apparatuses & firefighters participates in.  This also shows the public that firefighters are not just about putting out fires, but that we also seek to build understandable bonds throughout the community.

Public Education 

The Community Relations and Fire Safety Education Division is committed to giving the citizens the knowledge and skills needed to prevent the loss of life and property through various avenues.  Our services include the assistance of training props, such as fire extinguishers training, fire safety lectures, health fairs, senior fairs, career fairs, civic functions, station visits, bike safety, Learn Not to Burn Program, Remembering When, Mentoring Program, Public Service Announcement and others events.  This Division will continue to work hard in reaching all of The City of Jackson residents by being effective in delivering safety and prevention messages.

Fire Prevention

The Community Relations and Fire Safety Education Division focuses on the act of informing the general public.  We offer continuous training in ways to properly control situations that could be hazardous and potentially cause fires from occurring that could cause loss of life, loss of property, and have harming effects to others within the community.  This includes the service to perform Smoke Alarm Installation and Residential Fire Safety tips and hand-outs for our citizens.  The Smoke Alarm Program is funded and sponsored through American Red Cross & Mississippi Department of Insurance State Fire Marshal’s Office.

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