2021-Annual Drinking Water Quality Report


Lead and Copper Repeat Notification July 2022

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Willie G. Owens, Fire Chief Fire Chief 601-960-1392 Email
Patrick Armon, Assistant Fire Chief Assistant Fire Chief 601-960-2148 Email
Elliott Holmes, Deputy Fire Chief Deputy Fire Chief - Emergency Services 601-960-1057 Email
Cleotha Sanders Jr., Deputy Fire Chief Deputy Fire Chief - Fire Loss Management 601-960-0893 Email
Carmen Brocks, Division Fire Chief Division Fire Chief 601-960-1402 Email
Carlos Jones, Division Fire Chief Division Fire Chief 601-960-1401 Email
Percy Evans, Chief Fire Marshal Division Fire Marshal - Fire Marshal 601-960-2401 Email
Malcolm Alexander, Division Fire Chief Division Fire Chief - Community Relations and Fire Safety Education Division 601-960-1553 Email
George Horn, Division Fire Chief Division Fire Chief - Training, Safety and Research Development Division 601-960-1523 Email
Virgil Neely, Division Fire Chief Division Fire Chief- Office of Fire Investigations 601-960-1498 Email
DaWandra O. Freeman Office Coordinator 601-960-1392 Email
George Horn Captain/Hazmat 1 - Hazardous Matericals Technician 601-960-1523 Email
William Humes Air Supply Technician 601-960-1472
Freddie Schuller RDO/Fire Instructor 601-960-4222
Chris Jones Supervisor - Fire Garage 601-960-2042 Email
Dan Perrett Captain/Fire Instructor 601-960-4221
Chris White Captain/Fire Instructor 601-960-1460
Joseph Sharber District Fire Chief/Fire Instructor 601-960-2130
Katina Barnes Fiscal Officer 601-960-1406
Brannard D. Turner Store Room Attendant 601-960-2013
Joyce Strahan Personnel Representative 601-960-1412
Sharon Smith Public Safety Administrator - Administration & Finance 601-960-2310 Email
Tonya Jackson Financial Projects Coordinator 601-960-1392 Email
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