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HR Training and Development


Brenda Stewart
HR Training Manager

601.960.1187 (FAX)

Professional Development Course Summaries

Purpose: The HR Training division offers a wide variety of ongoing training and professional development courses for all City of Jackson employees. These Training Courses are available in-person or via online on Mineral Learning Management System. If interested in attending the trainings, please contact Brenda Stewart, Training Manager at 601-960-2315 or email:

City of Jackson Training Division

Training Course Summaries

-Leadership/Supervisory Training for First -Time Supervisors

Duration: 2.5 hours – This course is designed to develop leadership skills as a new supervisor/manager to understand the goals, ethical values and culture of your organization. This training will help you learn to communicate effectively with good leadership traits and assist with good decision making with your team and superiors to foster a respectful workplace.

-Professionalism in Customer Service: What does it Mean?

Duration: 1.5 hours -  This course is designed to teach the employees’ how to display a courteous, helpful attitude when interacting with all City customers and the public constituents daily. This includes being patient and respectful and taking the time to listen to customer concerns to provide service quality transactions in the workplace.

-Conflict Resolution Strategies in the Workplace

Duration: 1.5 hours - This course is designed to train employees to resolve conflict constructively to learn "what to say" when conflict arises and negatively affect productivity and profitability. Please remember, the bottom-line employees wants to be heard and that someone is on top of the conflict to resolve the issues in the workplace. 


Duration: 1.5 hours - This course is designed to help employees build trust and openness between teammates. The presentation will allow everyone to get to know everyone and build on team development.

Business Ethics-What Employees Need to Know

Duration: 1.5 hours - This course is designed to discuss business ethics and the principles that drive that decision making. It will show the standards of morally right and wrong conduct in the workplace and how to handle business and financial transactions under pressure.

-Performance Review Assessment (PRA) Training with Q&A   Duration: 1.5 hours - This course assist managers and supervisors with the new electronic tool for managing performance by establishing goals, competencies and performance requirements. This priority tool can be used to assist managing performance and encourage employees to perform their jobs well with this evaluation tool.

- HR Policies and Procedures/FMLA (EEO Officer/Sr. Legal Attorney  Duration: 2 - 2.5 hours - This course is a two-part session and the Equal Employment Officer discusses the internal policies and forms required by Human Resources in regards to input Munis forms. This legal portion of the course describes the family medical leave act under the FMLA and other types of leave which are protected by federal and state laws.

-PAF MUNIS Training (Designated HRBP)  Duration: 1 hour - This system course provides instructions in regards to the HR Personnel Action Forms on entering new hires, promotions, how to post job openings, terminations, suspensions, Pay rule and supervisor code changes in the Munis system. This training portion discuss the the HR data entry only to initiate the employment change process in the for new and existing employees.

-Kronos Timekeeping (Hosted by HR Compliance Officer) Duration: 1.5 hours This course is held virtually for the designated Timekeepers from each City department. This training is held several times a year via email registration by the Human Resource Compensation and Compliance Officer. The instructor is Willette Doyle and she can be reached at 601-960-1699 for specific dates of scheduled trainings.

-EEO Sexual Harassment Training (Hosted by EEO Officer) Duration: 1.5 hours This training course explains what Sexual Harassment means and provides specific scenarios regarding sexual advances, favors, verbal and physical harassment based on the law. This course is available in person (or virtually) by the Human Resource Equal Employment Officer. The instructor is Veleanor Ballard and she can be reached at 601-960-1050 for specific dates of scheduled trainings.

  • EEOC Sexual Harassment in the Workplace- Mineral Online Classes
  • EEO Sexual Harassment Training (In-Person)
  • Professionalism in the Workplace/Customer Service (In-Person)
  • Business Ethics (What Employees Need to Know) (In Person)
  • Team Building for Employees (In Person)
  • Team Building for Managers (In Person)
  • Conflict Resolution for Managers (In Person)
  • Leadership/Supervisory Training for First-Time Managers (In-Person)
  • HR Policies and Procedures for Managers (In-Person)
  • Performance Review Evaluations for Managers (In-Person)

Mineral LMS Catalogue

Mineral LMS Online Trainings: Independent Study                                                                                                                                            Learn Course Catalogue for Internal Promotions*


-Compliance and Legal

-Human Resources

-Customer Service

-Professional Development

-Computer & Information Technology

-Workplace Safety

-Environmental & Climate

-Pandemic Response


Training DVD Videos Available for Managers:

-Time Management Tune-Up—Duration: 60 mins                              Presenter: Marja Lee Freeman

The SkillPath Seminar course discuss five (5) basic tips to make time management really work to help you allocate your time, overcome bad habits, make efficient time choices and embrace technology.

-Leadership Best Practices—Duration: 60 mins                                 Presenter: Chad Prewett

The SkillPath Seminar shows you how to developing leadership style takes time and this distills practices of legendary leadership from Stephen Covey, Jim Collins to John Maxwell. This give a roadmap to success in your own leadership role, career and organization.

-Supervisors Success Secrets—Duration: 60 mins                        Presenter: Dan Couladis—

The SkillPath Seminar course helps Supervisors discover a set of seven proven principles, achievable traits and some common characteristics that will set the stage for your supervisory success.

-High Impact Communication—Duration: 60 minute                            Presenter: Lauen Schieffer

The SkillPath Seminar learns the secrets of high-impact written and spoken communication and how to apply them everyday to achieve your goals, influence others and get results.

-Coaching Your Team to Higher Performance—Duration: 60 mins Presenter: Rosemary Laack

The SkillPath Seminar will use this easy-to-follow guide to teach you the four stages of team development. It will show how to fulfill your changing and complicated role as Manager to help your team start performing at higher-than-ever levels of Team Development to help your changing role as a Coach at each stage.

-On the Job: Customer Service – Duration: 10 mins American Water Works Association about servicing the customer from a Denver Water Business Center.

-Dealing with Different, Diverse and Difficult People—Duration: 7 Disc Digital Audio Presenter: Barbara Braunstein SkillPath Seminars

Disc 1-Part 1: What’s the Matter with People Anyway? Listening

Disc 1-Part 2: The Four Different Personality Styles

Disc 2- Part 3: Generational Difference-Radio Ages and Baby Boomers (

Disc 2-Part 4: Generational Differences- Generation X and Y (1965-1976)

Disc 3-Part 5: Gender Differences in Communication Styles

Disc 3-Part 6: Creative, Technical and Multicultural Teams

Disc 4-Part 7: Other Work Styles and an Open Work Environment

Disc 4: Part 8: Giving Constructive Criticism Constructively

Disc 5-Part 9: Negotiate Effectively, Disagree Respectfully

Disc 5-Part 10: Dealing with Angry People

Disc 6-Part 11: Dealing with Your Own Anger and Frustration

Disc 6-Part 12: Make Sure You are not the Difficult Person



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