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Lead and Copper Repeat Notification March 2022

Information Technology

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IT Support Desk
353 S. Congress St
Jackson, MS 39201
Monday- Friday: 8:00a - 5:00p

The Information Technology Department provides forward thinking support, maintenance and installation support and service to the various citizens, customers, departments, and stakeholders of the City of Jackson in an effort to ensure that the city's ability to be of service is efficient, reliable and straightforward.

Our goal is to provide technological leadership and security through efficient management of the City's digital assets.

The technology arm of the City of Jackson is the Information Technology Department, which incorporates the division of Database Administration, IT Accounting, IT Support, Networking, Project Administration, Publications, Systems Administration & Telecommunications.

The department endeavors to both expand and protect the city's ability to provide the services and duties expected with integrity and convenience.

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