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Tony T. Yarber

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Tony T. Yarber is the youngest mayor to ever be elected in the city of Jackson, Mis

His story is not full of fame or fortune, but serves as an example of dedication, diligence, and the belief that we all can influence the world we live in.  As a young man growing up in subdivision #2 in the Westside community of Jackson, Yarber faced the very same challenges that most of our young people face today.  

Both his parents, George and Deloris, were hard working individuals and pillars of help in their communities.  On March 17, 1978, the Yarber’s rejoiced at the birth of their only son and made a commitment to impart into Mayor Yarber and his two sisters the beliefs of faith, love, and
 service to all.  The loss of his older sister during his younger years served as a wakeup call and a true realization that time is always of the essence. 

With that mentality in mind, Mayor Yarber worked his way through the Jackson Public Schools system.   After completing his studies at Forest Hill High School, Mayor Yarber went on to attend the University of Southern Mississippi where he received his B.S. in Elementary Education.  Determined to make a difference and follow his passion to teach and empower individuals, Mayor Yarber found work in the public school system while completing his master’s degree from Jackson State University. 

His career in education, advocacy in the community, and ability to lead became evident to the people of Jackson in 2009 when he successfully became the city councilman for ward 6.  Since that time, he has consistently utilized his education, experiences, and beliefs as a driving force behind his passion for the development of all people. His hard work, determination, and perseverance are key reasons for his successes today.  As the Mayor of Jackson, Tony T. Yarber is proof that your struggles and issues do not have the power to keep your from being influential. 

Mayor Yarber is the happily married husband of Rosalind Neal Yarber and the father of three amazing children: Carmen, Cameron, and Toni Michelle.