2021-Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Lead and Copper Repeat Notification January 2023


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Youth Summer Programs

Youth Summer Program The “Summer Program” is a seven week program, Monday- Friday from 7:30 a.m. -5:30 p.m. for boys and girls ages 6-12 years old. Parents must provide transportation to the site, a healthy lunch and snack in an insulated lunch bag and a water bottle for their child each day. The program consists … Continued

What if I haven’t had consistent water in months?

If you have not had consistent water due to the pressure from the treatment plants, we will only charge you for the water that passed thru the meter. If your bill was estimated during the months that water service was inconsistent, contact WSBA@jacksonms.gov and let them know. An adjustment may be available.

What if I haven’t received a bill?

If you have not received a bill, email WSBA@jacksonms.gov and request to enroll in the appropriate payment plan. A customer service representative will contact you and provide a balance based on a flat rate charge.   If you have not received a bill because you do not have an account we will help you start an account and back bill … Continued

What if I have an outstanding balance, but I pay monthly?

If a customer has been paying the current charges for the past 3 months, and they have applied for the RAMP-ERA funding (if they are low income renters) they are eligible to begin a payment plan and start working to move over the outstanding balance immediately. Information about RAMP-ERA funding can be found at www.ms-ramp.com/era.

Tumbling Classes

Tumbling Classes Wednesdays Only Dates: October 5, 2022 –  March 29, 2023 Ages 5 years old and up All skill levels Grove Park Community Center, 4126 Parkway Avenue, Jackson, MS 39213   For more information,  contact Tumbling Instructor Kim Jones, 601-316-1327

How do I apply for building permits?

The City of Jackson offers all permitting services through the online permitting system. This can be accessed at https://jacksonms.viewpointcloud.com/. For more information about the Code Services office and building permitting you can visit https://www.jacksonms.gov/building-permits/.  

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