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How does the City buy goods and services? 

The City of Jackson must follow all applicable federal, state, and local procurement guidelines when procuring goods, services, and construction. According to state law, here is a summary of how the City of Jackson makes purchases:

Under $75,000: Departments may reach out to vendors directly to request quotes. For purchases under $5,000, departments must reach out to at least one vendor and ask for a quote. For purchases between $5,000.01-$75,000, departments must reach out to at least two vendors and ask for quotes. If a vendor is interested in selling to the City, the vendor may submit a quote back to the requesting department. The department will then seek purchase approval from the City of Jackson’s Purchasing Division. Once approved, the department will issue a Purchase Order (PO) to the vendor.

Above $75,000 – Competitive Solicitations: When the City of Jackson makes a purchase over $75,000, the Purchasing Division works with the applicable department to publish a solicitation–either an Invitation for Bid (IFB), a Request for Proposals (RFP) or a Request for Qualifications (RFQ)–with specifications and a scope of work detailing the project’s needs. The IFB, RFP, or RFQ documents will also clearly state how bids or proposals will be evaluated. Prospective vendors respond to these business opportunities detailing how their products or services will address the City’s needs. Prospective vendors can submit their bids or proposals online through Central Bidding or by submitting hard copies through the Municipal Clerk’s Office. After receiving submissions, the City will evaluate the bids or proposals and award a contract to the vendor who best meets the objective criteria. Contracts generally require review from the City’s Legal Department and subsequent approval from the Mayor and City Council. This approval process can often take several weeks.

Federal and State Contracts: In lieu of seeking quotes directly from vendors, the City of Jackson is also allowed to buy goods through contracts that have been negotiated and signed by federal and state agencies. In short, federal and state agencies solicit contracts from vendors and allow municipalities, school boards, universities, and other local governmental entities to buy off of those contracts instead of seeking their own quotes. Examples of federal and state contracts can be found on the following websites:

  1. Federal General Services Agreements (GSAs):
  2. State of Mississippi – Department of Finance and Administration:
  3. State of Mississippi – Department of Information Technology Services: 
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