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JTRAN Customer Service
JTRAN Office
1785 Highway 80 West
Jackson, MS 39204

JTRAN Customer Service Office
Union Station
300 W. Capitol St
Jackson, MS 39207
Monday-Friday: 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

Paratransit Services

JTRAN Paratransit is demand response transportation service that provides door to door transportation for individuals who, because of a disability, are not able to utilize a regularly scheduled fixed route bus service or if the rider cannot access a fixed route bus stop or for seniors age 60 years old.

Door to door service means that the vehicle will be at the curb of the pick-up point at a prearranged time and upon request, the Bus Operator can provide assistance for the passenger up to the door of the business, home or destination. When waiting for the bus to come, the rider does not have to be standing at the curb, but should be in a location that allows him/her to see the vehicle when it arrives.

If the passenger does require more assistance beyond the door, an attendant or personal care attendant may ride free. Arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis for those persons requiring extra assistance.

Anyone who is permanently or temporarily mobility impaired, generally defined as a person of any age who is functionally unable to use the regularly scheduled fixed route system for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Unable to utilize a regular public transit bus. (“Unable” means that performing the function is absolutely impossible or causes severe, continuing pain; it does not mean discomfort or occasional pain).
  • Unable to walk from place of origin or destination to the nearest bus stop.
  • Unable to utilize a regular public transit bus to reach a source of life sustaining activities.

What if I am not Eligible?
JTRAN fixed route bus service is available to you.  Please visit the JTRAN Fixed Route for more information on JTRAN fixed route bus services.

To use JTRAN Paratransit a potential passenger is required to fill out an application, with a physician’s verification to be determined eligible. Once eligible, the new passenger would receive an identification card. The card is to be in the immediate possession of the rider, as the passenger may be required to show proof of eligibility to ride.

  • JTRAN Paratransit is a door-to-door demand responsive service. Bus operators may only assist passengers to the door of a home, building or entrance of a facility as long as they are within the line of sight of their vehicle. JTRAN Paratransit vehicles cannot be left unattended.
  • Any other additional assistance will require the use of a personal care attendant (PCA). A PCA can accompany a person with disability at no additional charge.
  • Space is limited, so limit yourself to five packages, that you can carry. That will leave room for more people on the vehicle.
  • Just like the bus, JTRAN Paratransit operate on a schedule. Your pick up window is 30 minutes before or after the time requested. We can’t delay other passengers by waiting for anyone. Our drivers will only wait five minutes and drive on if the passenger has not arrived at the pick-up location.
  • Subscription Service—For passengers that have a regular travel pattern (for the same trip on multiple days), subscription service is available on a limited basis. This puts passengers on a regular schedule, so you do not need to request every trip individually. JTRAN Paratransit must be able to accommodate all trips, so we can only accommodate a very limited number of subscription requests. Please call us for more details on this service.
  • Passengers with service animals or traveling with a respirator or portable oxygen supply are welcome on JTRAN Paratransit.
  • All passengers are strongly encouraged to wear seat belts. Wheelchair passengers will wear a lap belt. Child car seats are not provided, passengers must provide their own child car seats.
Effective February 10, 2009
Description Within the ADA fixed route zone of ¾ mile on either side of JTRAN fixed route
One Way $2.00
20-Ride Pass $40.00 ($2.00 per ride)
  • Passengers must be ADA certified or a companion to ride JTRAN Paratransit as first priority.
  • Children under 5 ride free.
  • ADA eligible passengers receive free JTRAN Paratransit registration card.
  • One Personal Care Attendant (PCA) rides free. All other companions pay same fare as eligible passenger.

In addition, 20-Ride Pass are available at locations shown on the Fares, Passes, and Transfers page.

The service area for JTRAN Paratransit is within a 3/4 mile radius of JTRAN non-commuter fixed route bus routes operating during the time of request.

A user who lives outside the service area may be issued a JTRAN Paratransit identification card; however, the card is only valid for use within the JTRAN Paratransit service area.

Paratransit Service Area

If you are a new paratransit rider you will need to be registered and certified eligible by City of Jackson, Department of Planning & Development, Transit Services Division prior to using the service. To register for services, please download the application below and return it to the City of Jackson. Applications can also be sent to you at your request by calling the City of Jackson Transit Services Division administrative office (601) 960-1887; TDD/TTY users’ can call 711 through the Mississippi Relay Service. You can also write ADA Application Request, City of Jackson, Transit Services Division, 1785 Highway 80 West, Jackson, MS 39204 or email

Paratransit Application

Once the application is completed, please mail or drop it off at the City of Jackson, Transit Services Division, 1785 Highway 80 West, Jackson, MS 39204, fax to: (601) 948-3840 or email

Visitors to Jackson, Mississippi
If you are visiting the City of Jackson and use ADA paratransit where you live, you may also enjoy the benefits of ADA paratransit service on JTRAN Paratransit. Simply call (601) 960-1100 or TDD/TTY: 711 though the Mississippi Relay Service to be added to our client list. After 21 days, you will need to certify with the City of Jackson, Transit Services Division following the guidelines above under Application Process.

To use the service, the passenger or his/her representative must make a reservation for next day service. Reservations may be made up to 14 days in advance in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

A cancellation/no show policy requires that if the passenger must cancel his/her trip request, then it should be done two (2) hour in advance or the passenger may lose their riding privilege for a certain period.

JTRAN Paratransit demand response service is designed to benefit those persons unable to utilize regular transportation. To maximize use of the service, JTRAN Paratransit operates a shared ride program and rides will be grouped whenever possible.

The night prior to your trip you will receive an automated call from 601-351- 9969 to cancel or confirm JTRAN paratransit trips for the next day.

After 8:00 p.m., trips may be canceled by: Leaving a voicemail message by calling 601- 952-1000 option 2, from the menu options. You must leave your first and last name, the trip(s) date and the trip(s) time.

A second call will be made approximately 10 minutes prior to a scheduled trip to remind you of your pick-up window. You can cancel and check trip times any time of day using the MOBILE APP.

Please remember automated calls and/or text message are a courtesy and not guaranteed.

To make reservations – call Monday through Saturday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to (601) 952-1000 option 2 . TDD/TTY users should use 711 through the Mississippi Relay Service.

Reservations are taken on Sunday and after 4:30 p.m. on Monday-Saturday by voicemail, (601) 952-1000 option 2, from the menu options. You must leave your first and last name, the trip(s) date, desired drop-off or pick-up times and locations.

When making a reservation, please provide us with the following:

  • Your name and telephone number
  • Where you would like to be picked up
  • Where you are going
  • The time you need to arrive at your destination
  • When you would like to return
  • Any special needs.

Every effort will be made to accommodate the requested pick-up time. However, please be aware that, at times, the requested pick-up time may not be available. In those rare instances where demand goes beyond the available service, JTRAN will attempt to provide you with an alternate time as close to the original requested time as possible and within one hour of the requested pick-up time. The trip shall be scheduled to arrive at the location within a 30-minute time frame of the requested drop-off time.

An unlimited number of trips can be reserved during one telephone call.

There are two types of services available; 1) subscription and 2) reservation/non-subscription.

Subscription Service – is available for any trip that occurs once or more a week which originates and terminates at the same scheduled location, at the same time each day. Availability is based upon a first come/first serve basis. Subscription service is not required under ADA; therefore, certain restrictions may apply due to capacity constraints. Application for subscription service may be made in person at Union Station or the JTRAN Administration & Maintenance Facility or by phone. Requests for subscription service must be made at least one day prior to the first trip, but no more than ten (10) business days in advance. Once a subscription schedule is confirmed by JTRAN, the customer does not have to make any further reservation calls, except to cancel any previously scheduled trip. JTRAN ask that you make us aware of your need to cancel no less than one hour prior to your scheduled pick-up time. Clients who fail to do so will receive a No Show violation if the reservation is not canceled within the proper time.

– service is available for any trip. Request for reservation service can be made anytime during our normal business hours one day prior to the desired trip, but no more than fourteen (14) calendar days in advance.

JTRAN Paratransit Service Monday through Friday first pick up is available at 5:15 a.m. last available pick up is at 6:45 p.m. ending service at 7:45 p.m., Saturday service first available pick up is at 6:45 a.m. last available pick up is at 5:30 p.m. ending service at 6:30 p.m. No service is provided on Sundays and the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

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