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Proclamation of Local Emergency

Trash Pick Up Do's and Don'ts

The City of Jackson’s Water and Sewer Business Administration is now JXN Water. Click here.


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Growing Tax Base

Goal 4:  A Growing Tax Base with Occupational Opportunities

This goal focuses on economic development, growth, and capacity building for Jackson’s corporations, small and disadvantaged businesses, and emerging markets. New economic activity is linked to decreasing levels of poverty through employment and living wages

  • Farish Street – Establishing a thriving business district that offers entertainment, restaurants, arts and live music to downtown Jackson.
  • Parking Meters – Creating a steady income stream for both the revitalization of business and communities at-large.
  • 100 G Network – Developing an ultra-high-speed broadband network provider to provide 100G broadband access to educational institutions, research institutions, hospitals, museums, libraries, and tech companies. This instrument has the capacity to incentivize new companies to locate in Jackson.
  • City Property Inventory – Creating a data-base of all city properties so that they can be returned to the City of Jackson’s tax base.
  • Large Corporation Action Table – Bringing together CEOs of major corporations to create a forward-thinking business climate.
  • Small/Minority Cooperative Business Action Table – Convening CEOs of minority businesses in Jackson to build capacity for project primes.
  • Banking Action Table – Convening CEOs of banking institutions in Jackson to eliminate banking deserts, creating an environment of lending, and eliminating predatory lending. 
  • Downtown Development Zone – A focused area from Jackson State University in the west, to Central City and north to Fondren that creates a unified live, work, create, and play zone.
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