Mayor Extends Deadline for City Employees & Contract Workers to Provide Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination to October 15th


Mayor Lumumba declares Local Emergency as negotiations over garbage collection contract have stalled


Mayor Lumumba issues updated Safe Recovery Jackson Executive Order.

Emergency Preparedness Flood Reminders From The Jackson Fire Department

Attached and below please find some emergency preparedness flood reminders from the Jackson Fire Department.

Flood Safety

To stay connected and informed:Emergency Prepardeness Flood

  • Sign up for CodeRed Emergency Alerts @
  • Listen to the local news media or weather radio for current emergency information and instructions regarding flooding.

Preparing for a Flood

  • Make a plan for your household, including your pets, so that you and your family know what to do, where to go, and what you will need to protect yourselves from flooding. Learn and practice evacuation routes, shelter plans, and flash flood response. Gather medicines, supplies, including non-perishable foods, cleaning supplies, and water for several days, in case you must leave immediately or if services are cut off in your area.
  • If you are under a flood warning; seek higher ground shelter right away, and do not walk, swim or drive through flood waters. Turn Around, Don’t Drown! @
  • Please call 9-1-1 for all emergencies.

Stay Safe, Stay Well!                                                              

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