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Winter weather tips from MEMA

Posted on December 19, 2022

For Immediate Release:

December 19, 2022

(Jackson, Miss.)

With freezing temperatures expected later this week, the City of Jackson is advising residents to follow the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency’s tips for winter weather. Please share:


  • Wear several layers of loose-fitting, lightweight and warm clothing rather than one layer of heavy clothing. The outer garments should be tightly woven and water repellent.
  • Wear mittens, which are warmer than gloves.
  • Wear a hat.
  • Cover your mouth with a scarf to protect your lungs.


  • Prepare for possible isolation in your home by having sufficient heating fuel; regular fuel sources may be cut off. For example, store a good supply of dry, seasoned wood for your fireplace or wood-burning stove.
  • Winterize your home to extend the life of your fuel supply by insulating walls and attics, caulking and weather-stripping doors and windows and installing storm windows or covering windows with plastic.
  • Winterize your house, barn, shed or any other structure that may provide shelter for your family, neighbors, livestock or equipment. Clear rain gutters, repair roof leaks and cut away tree branches that could fall on a house or other structure during a storm.
  • Insulate pipes with insulation or newspapers and plastic and allow faucets to drip slightly during cold weather to avoid freezing.
  • Keep fire extinguishers on hand, and make sure everyone in your house knows how to use them. House fires pose an additional risk, as more people turn to alternate heating sources without taking the necessary safety precautions.
  • Learn how to shut off water valves in the case of a pipe bursting.
  • Know ahead of time what you should do to help elderly or disabled friends, neighbors or employees.


  • During dangerous cold, BRING PETS INSIDE!
  • If you can’t bring your pets inside, provide them with a warm shelter that has a solid floor, three sides and flap door covering
  • Give your pet extra food and fresh water that isn’t frozen


  • Residents may leave their faucets on at a low trickle to avoid frozen pipes
  • Locate the frozen pipe
  • Open the faucet
  • Begin thawing pipe near faucet and work your way down


Check or have a mechanic check the following items on your car:

  • Antifreeze levels: ensure they are sufficient to avoid freezing.
  • Battery and ignition system: should be in top condition and battery terminals should be clean.
  • Brakes: check for wear and fluid levels.
  • Heater and defroster: ensure they are working properly.
  • Lights and flashing hazard lights: ensure they are working properly.
  • Gas tank: Maintain at least a half tank of gas during the winter season.
  • Winter Weather Car Kit:
    • Windshield scraper
    • Flashlight with extra batteries
    • Jumper cables
    • Blankets
    • Cell phone chargers
    • Water/snacks
    • Emergency flares or reflectors
  • Driving in winter weather conditions:
    • Slow down
    • Allow more space between the vehicles around you
    • Brake early and gently
    • Never slam on the brakes
    • Ditch Distractions
    • Stay Alert

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