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Water system update: Saturday, September 3

Posted on September 3, 2022

For Immediate Release:
September 3, 2022
(Jackson, Miss.) – The O.B. Curtis Water Plant made significant gains overnight and into this morning. The total plant output has increased to 86 PSI. This is approaching our goal of 87 PSI or better. The outlook is very stable. However, additional challenges as repairs and adjustments are made do leave the potential for fluctuations in progress.
All tanks made gains overnight. Water has now reached the Suncrest Tank. Most of Jackson should now have pressure. A few remaining pockets in South Jackson may still be experiencing low or no pressure.
Work continues in the plant today on both the membrane and conventional systems. This work is initially focused on increasing the production ability of the O.B. Curtis facility. Increasing the production ability will create more stability in water supply.
In order to repair the ammonia leak that was identified earlier this week, officials will be transferring product from the leaking tank. During the transfer of product and while emptying the leaking tank for repair, there may be a controlled burn-off of the gas that may cause a visible flare into the sky. There is no need for concern, and there is no threat to the public. The burn-off will take place intermittently throughout the day today. An environmental specialist is onsite performing this operation with numerous safety personnel present.
Teams from Georgia and Florida rural water associations are also on site. They are assisting with repairing and restoring many of the automated systems that will support better management of the production of water and water quality.
We remain under a boil water notice and will immediately alert residents when that changes.
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