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Water System update: Friday, September 2

Posted on September 2, 2022

For Immediate Release: 
September 2, 2022

(Jackson, Miss.) – The O.B. Curtis Water Plant made significant gains overnight and into this morning. There are some challenges remaining to navigate over the next few days, but the outlook for today is continued progress.

 The total plant output has increased to 80 PSI. The ideal pressure level is 87 PSI. This ensures enough water pressure to adequately supply the entire system, so we have made improvements.  
Six of the tanks on the surface system have reached stable levels, and the other tanks continue to make progress. More areas throughout Jackson now have some pressure. Many are now experiencing normal pressure. Areas further from the plant and at higher elevations may still be experiencing low to no pressure. This pressure will continue to improve as the tank levels increase.
There is significant work underway in the plant today on both the membrane and conventional systems. This work is initially focused on increasing the production ability of the O.B. Curtis facility. Increasing the production ability will create more stability in water supply.  
We have multiple contractors on site doing assessment work again today. With the support of our partners at MEMA and the Health Department, we are also sourcing immediate staffing support including operators and maintenance staff. An initial mutual aid staffing group will arrive today. We have also continued the process of expediting some of the projects that were already being planned. 
 These items each will contribute significantly to the stability of the plant.
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