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FAQ Topic: H.O.P.E. Theory

Evidence, Evaluate, Effectiveness

The data we receive from needs assessments, community surveys, stakeholder interviews, and focus groups helps us to identify or design prevention strategies for an evidence-based approach to program planning. Once prevention strategies are implemented, they are evaluated rigorously to determine their effectiveness. Communities are then encouraged to implement strategies based on the available resources and … Continued

Protective Factors and Risk Factors

It is not enough to know the magnitude of a public health problem. It is important to understand what factors protect people or put them at risk for experiencing or perpetrating violence. Why are risk and protective factors useful? They help identify where prevention efforts need to be focused. (insert in note box)Risk factors do … Continued

Opportunity to Define And Monitor The Problem

The first step in preventing violence is to understand the “who”, “what”, “when”, “where” and “how” associated with it. Data can demonstrate how frequently violence occurs, where it is occurs, trends, and who the victims and perpetrators are. This data is obtained from our partner LEO’s reports, medical examiner files, vital records, hospital charts, registries, … Continued

Health & Wellness

We believe in primary prevention: preventing violence from happening in the first place by increasing awareness, identifying alternatives, responding early, surrounding children with protection, building on strengths, supporting parents and caregivers, strengthening community connections and working towards a culture of peace and justice.

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