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FAQ Topic: Building permits

How do I apply for a fire inspection?

Application for a fire inspection is on the second floor of the Planning Department and the fee is $25 plus additional fees for sprinkler, alarm, or any other test.

Is a building permit required to enclose an existing covered patio?

Yes, a building permit is required for this type of building alteration. A patio slab is not typically constructed with a foundation and will require some additional support to carry the loads of the new walls and windows. Also, many enclosed patios include extensive use of windows and glass doors, therefore, code issues involving tempered … Continued

What are the requirements for constructing a storage building?

In general, all storage buildings (accessory buildings) require a building permit. If the accessory building has a permanent foundation, however, a permit is required regardless of size. A foundation is not required for an accessory building less than 400 square feet that is not heated for habitable space. If a permit is not required, the … Continued

What documents and/or drawings (plans) are required for submittal of a residential permit application?

The following items are required for residential new construction applications: City of Jackson Certificate of Liability Insurance Copy of State Contractor’s License Copy of Privilege License Signed Contract between Contractor and Owner Total Cost of Job and Total Price of all Subcontractors Completed Construction Permit Application Form for One & Two Family Dwelling & Related Construction … Continued

Can a homeowner obtain permits to perform work on their own property?

Yes, a person who owns and currently occupies (owner-occupant) a residential structure may act as a general contractor or plumber, obtain permits, and perform work associated with these professions. An owner-occupant, however, cannot perform electrical, heating, and air conditioning, or fuel gas work due to safety concerns. Qualified electrical, heating, air conditioning, and fuel gas … Continued

How long is a building permit valid?

Building permits are valid for six months from issue date. Any inspections made within the initial six months will automatically extend the validity of your building permit for an additional six months from the date of inspection. If building activity or inspections do not occur within any six month period, the building permit will expire … Continued

How can I obtain a building permit?

Building permits are issued by the Building Permit Division of the Department of Planning and Development on the third floor of the Warren Hood Building located at 200 South President Street, Jackson, MS 39205. For more information, please call 601.960.1159.

When is a building permit required?

You must obtain a building permit before breaking ground on any new construction, building an addition on to any existing structure, or altering an existing structure. A building permit is not required for basic, nonstructural repairs such as carpet replacement, painting, siding replacement or other work that does not enlarge or alter the basic structure of … Continued

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