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Target Investment Neighborhood

TIN Mission

The TIN Program seeks to address disinvestment in each ward by creating a neighborhood profile that offers net change in small increments with the expectancy of curing the entire ward.

Code Services inspectors will identify areas within each of Jackson’s seven wards that have suffered the most from inequitable planning or no planning at all. These areas are called Targeted Investment Neighborhoods (TIN) and need investment to transform. The TINs are small areas contained within a larger neighborhood (s) and may overlap the delineated Code Enforcement Beats but will remain within a single ward. Inspections are performed throughout each ward to determine the conditions of the communities.

The intent is to notify property owners of the state of the property so that the owners can address and mitigate all issues found. However, the cleanup tasks oftentimes fall to the City of Jackson to perform which can come with an astronomical price tag.

The idea behind this process is that after a certain length of time, the conditions will be cured, and a new TIN will be selected within that ward. This process will be replicated until all neighborhoods have been inspected and the entire ward has been addressed.

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