2021-Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Lead and Copper Repeat Notification January 2023


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The City of Jackson’s Water and Sewer Business Administration office in the Metrocenter Mall will be closed Monday, March 27 until further notice.

The Metrocenter was damaged during Sunday’s storm. Water bills may be paid by phone or click here for payment locations.

Storm Debris Reminders From Department of Solid Waste


August 27, 2021




(JACKSON, Miss.) – The City of Jackson Department of Solid Waste asks that residents give at least two weeks after a storm passes to allow for damage assessments and retaining of contracts if needed to assist with debris removal. Tress that have fallen onto the right-of-way and obstruct traffic will be addressed immediately. This can be reported to 311, 601-960-1168, or 601-960-1193.

The Solid Waste Staff also want to remind residents that if contractors are hired to cut limbs, or remove damaged materials from a residence, it is the contractors’ responsibility to remove and dispose of all debris. We ask that residents hire licensed contractors to provide debris removal services at their place of residence to ensure that all debris is properly disposed of.

If residents have small limbs that are in compliance and require removal, please call 601-960-1193 for assistance. (To be in compliance, limbs must be cut 4 feet in length and stacked in small piles no higher than 3 feet.)

For more information, residents can please call 311 to be provided with a tracking number for reference.


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