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What documents and/or drawings (plans) are required for submittal of a residential permit application?

The following items are required for residential new construction applications:

  • City of Jackson Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • Copy of State Contractor’s License
  • Copy of Privilege License
  • Signed Contract between Contractor and Owner
  • Total Cost of Job and Total Price of all Subcontractors
  • Completed Construction Permit Application Form for One & Two Family Dwelling & Related Construction
    (includes square footage calculations for heated, unheated, covered exterior spaces, and paving)
  • Three (3) sets of site drawings showing:
  • Two (2)  complete sets of drawing
  • Water and Sewer location
  • Silt Fencing
  • Driveway width and radius: Size of your driveway
  • Setbacks of all four sides (Front, back and two sides
  • Plumbing riser diagram
  • Electrical riser diagram
  • HVAC layout with heat loss & heat gain

Building Code Analysis for Commercial Plans which consist of the following items:

  • Summary of Project
  • Contact Person
  • Occupancy Classification
  • Construction Type
  • Automatic Sprinkler System
  • Fire alarm calculated Occupant Loan
  • Exit Capacity
  • Minimum number of exists
  • Travel distance and dead end length
  • Fire resistive requirements
  • Life Safety Detail Sheet
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