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Philanthropy Activism: Activate, Accelerate, Amplify

Posted on September 25, 2018

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Philanthropy as a Progressive Vehicle to Support Emerging Political,

Social, and Leadership Movements for Communities of Color in the South

(Jackson, MS) – The ​Community ​Investment ​Network ​(CIN) ​will ​host ​its ​13th ​Conference, ​Philanthropic ​Activism: ​Activate, ​Accelerate, ​Amplify, ​on ​October ​4-6, ​2018, at the Mississippi e-Center at Jackson State University ​in ​Jackson, ​Mississippi. ​The ​Conference ​will bring together a ​national ​network ​of ​members, ​community ​organizers, ​change ​makers, ​philanthropic ​professionals, ​and ​funders. ​

The Conference ​builds ​on ​the ​momentum ​of ​the ​rise ​of ​new ​thought ​leaders ​transforming ​communities ​through ​service ​on ​local ​and ​national ​levels. ​CIN2018 ​will ​empower ​communities ​of ​color ​to ​use ​models ​of ​community ​philanthropy ​to ​create ​change. ​The ​Conference ​will ​also ​offer ​insights ​on ​how ​philanthropy ​can ​be ​used ​to ​support ​emerging ​political, ​social, ​and ​leadership ​missions. ​

Two leaders of the South will open the Conference with a learning luncheon, “Putting People First” Mayor Woodson, City of Birmingham and “One City. One Aim. One Destiny. Changing the world from where we stand,” Mayor Lumumba, City of Jackson, will take part in an honest conversation about people, places, and political processes to build and sustain progressive municipal eco-systems as a model of bold leadership to create change for communities of color on Thursday, October 4th, at 11:30 AM.

​CIN​2018 ​offers ​members ​and ​supporters ​in ​the ​field ​of ​philanthropy ​an ​exciting ​lineup ​of ​professional ​development ​opportunities, ​technical ​assistance, ​educational ​workshops ​peer-to-peer ​learning, ​and ​networking ​opportunities ​for ​philanthropic, ​non-profit ​leaders, ​and ​college ​students. ​The ​2018 ​program ​will ​offer ​strategic ​alignments ​and ​the ​application ​of ​the ​best ​and ​most ​promising ​practices ​that ​connects ​grassroots ​philanthropy ​to ​mainstream ​philanthropy ​to ​work ​collectively ​in ​improving ​conditions ​and ​opportunities ​in ​communities ​of ​color.

CIN2018 Featured Sessions –

  • The South Has Something To Say! Jackson, MS and Birmingham, AL share a history of struggle and progress for generations of young leaders. Today, both cities are led by young Mayor’s with ambitious, people-centric agendas. But, progress is not easy.
  • Black Giving Through the Years! This session will present an overview of the history of philanthropy and a broader context of how collective giving fits into the landscape of strategic philanthropy.
  • College Track! The HBCU Initiative is a Community Investment Network sponsored program that promotes non-traditional philanthropy to college students. Designed for Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • Voting: A Call to Action! A rallying cry addressing how comprehensive voter registration, education, and mobilization efforts can counteract voter suppression tactics and create change on local, state, and national levels.
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