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Eastover Public Access Gate Application

Posted on February 4, 2021

Eastover Gate Locations

Please take notice that The Greater Eastover Neighborhood Foundation (Eastover) has filed application for five public access gates with the City of Jackson. As part of that application process Eastover is required to provide notice to all property owners within the neighborhood boundary and all property owners identified by city staff as directly affected by the gate outside of the neighborhood boundary.

The application is for the following locations:

  1. Eastover Drive at Ridgewood Road­­­­­
  2. Eastbourne Place at Ridgewood Road
  3. Lake Circle between Restbrook Place and Rhymes Place
  4. Douglass Drive between Ridgewood Road and Lake Circle
  5. Quail Run Road at East Manor Drive

Map of gate locations in Eastover Application 1-4

Map of Eastover Gate 5 and Additional Required Notifications

Special Note for Gate 5: The Quail Run Gate is unique in that homes outside of the gate may regularly use this route for access. These homes are not within the gate area by definition but were included in the required notifications due to their access route.  Those homes by Google map analysis that would have a shorter access route to Meadowbrook Drive through the gate were added to the required notification list.

A community meeting was held as required by Section 110-28 of the City of Jackson Code of Ordinances. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, this meeting was held virtually.

Provide feedback online : Eastover Public Access Gate Online Input

Ordinance: Section -110-28- Amendment to Ordinance Public Gates

Draft Gate Drawings: Eastover Gate Site Plans

Presentation from Community Meeting: Eastover Gate Application Community Meeting

Recording of Community Meeting: Eastover Gates Community Meeting

Google Map Link to Gate Locations

A public hearing will be held June 29, 2021 at 10:00 in Council Chambers regarding approval of the Eastover Gate Application.

The gates location and details shared during the community meeting are still accurate and were not substantially changed since the initial presentation. The city’s site plan review committee has signed off that the gates each meet the required design standards established by ordinance.

The following concerns previously identified are address in the council order if approved:

  • The request that the order approving the gates include language acknowledging that the Quail Ridge gate must remain two-way.
  • The request that the Quail Ridge gate be programmed to remain open during peak traffic times.
  • The request that the Eastbourne gate be programmed to remain open during time required for school traffic management.
  • All gates have pedestrian walk arounds as required by ordinance.
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