Effective August 4, 2020: Citing the need for stronger action to flatten the curve of COVID-19, Mayor Lumumba has signed the Third Amended Stay Safe Jackson Executive Order which orders bars to close for inside service. All bars, nightclubs, lounges, taverns, and private clubs located in the City of Jackson shall close, except to the extent that such establishments ONLY provide take-out, pick up, delivery or drive-through services as allowed by law. Businesses found in violation will be shut down for 24-hours and must submit an Attestation of Compliance with the City of Jackson before reopening. Mayor Lumumba has also issued a Mayoral Curfew Order in the City of Jackson effective August 6th at 12 midnight - 5 am for the next five days. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, call our Hotline at 601-586-3067 and fill out the Symptom Collector. If you are in need of mental health support during this time, call our Mental Health Warmline at 601-586-3073. 


Building Fee Schedule PDF (157 KB)
Building Permit Application PDF (217 KB)
City of Jackson Zoning Action Application PDF (1 MB)
Clearing and Grading Permit Application PDF (207 KB)
Code Compliance Inspection Application PDF (139 KB)
Community Improvement CDBG DEMO Project 2020.01.01 PDF (15 MB)
Comparison of Changes PDF (266 KB)
Complete Street Policy PDF (38 KB)
Contractor Application PDF (153 KB)
Current Zoning Action Cases August 26, 2020 PDF (1.4 MB)
Demolition or Moving Permit Application PDF (215 KB)
Design Guidelines 2013 PDF (36 MB)
Electrical Fee Schedule PDF (177 KB)
Electrical Permit Application PDF (487 KB)
Filing Deadlines for Zoning Applications PDF (115 KB)
Gas, Plumbing or Mechanical Permit Application PDF (460 KB)
Geographic Information System Map For City of Jackson PDF (219 KB)
Grease Control Device Standards PDF (189 KB)
Land/Floodplain Development Permit Application PDF (2.4 MB)
Landscaping or Clearing Permit Application PDF (145 KB)
Mechanical Fee Schedule PDF (158 KB)
Mobile Food Vending Application PDF (150 KB)
Neighborhood Referral Program Registration PDF (7.5 KB)
Plumbing and Gas Permit Fee Schedule PDF (166 KB)
Preliminary Plat Application PDF (410 KB)
Privilege License Application PDF (273 KB)
Proposed Chapter 26 Ordinance PDF (679 KB)
Proposed Zoning Text Amendments PDF (1.5 MB)
Rear Yard Variance PDF (141 KB)
Reasonable Zoning Accommodations PDF (992 KB)
Renaming Application PDF (277 KB)
Repair Agreement PDF (262 KB)
Request for Electrical Power PDF (79 KB)
Request for Gas Service PDF (82 KB)
Request for Re-inspection PDF (52 KB)
Request for Rental or Lease Housing Inspection PDF (50 KB)
Site Plan Review Application PDF (499 KB)
Street Alley Closure Application PDF (196 KB)
Surplus or Landbank Application PDF (555 KB)
Vacant Property Registration Form PDF (89 KB)
Zoning Ordinance PDF (3.2 MB)
Zoning Verification Request Form PDF (76 KB)
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