2021-Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Lead and Copper Repeat Notification November 2022

The boil water notice for all City of Jackson water customers HAS BEEN LIFTED.

Community Clean Up Application

1 Solid Waste Community Clean Up Guidelines
2 Community Clean Up Application
  • City of Jackson

    • Cleanup services are unavailable on Sundays or holiday weekends.
    • Cleanups must be scheduled between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. If organizers plan for a cleanup to be scheduled on a 2nd Saturday then we must have notification before the third Thursday to locate a dumpster location close to your community. The dumpster will be available to ALL citizens (NO businesses) on that Saturday.

    **Please note that the site cannot be on private property or cause an obstruction to traffic.

    By signing this application, community organizers agree to: 

    • Being the primary contact for City staff as preparations are made for the cleanup.
    • Acknowledging that this cleanup effort is ONLY to clean the community spaces which includes multiple streets but not vacant lots within the community. 
    • Acknowledging that the ONLY equipment provided for the cleanup will be one roll-off dumpster and that the City will NOT go door to door to pick up debris from citizens’ homes.
    • Acknowledging that Hinds County support is supposed to make up ONLY 10% of the volunteered labor and that the other 90% will come from citizens, schools, businesses, and neighborhood associations in the neighborhood.
    • Find and organize volunteers as well as coordinate the project from inception to completion.
    • Provide the completed list with a minimum of twenty-five volunteers with this application.
    • Promote the cleanup to neighbors, businesses, schools and churches within the cleanup area.
    • Be present at the cleanup site on the assigned date and assure that a monitor is on site and at the dumpster at all times.
    • Assign a person and/or group to assist in the following tasks: offloading items at the site and providing pickup for neighbors (only as senior or disabled citizens) that are unable to get to the dumpster site.
    • Arrange for food and water to be provided for inmate crews (if requested) during the event.
    • Arrange for restroom amenities to be available during the cleanup (this can be on-site or nearby).
    • Make it a priority to recycle any materials that can be recycled such as paper, plastic, cardboard and aluminum.
    • Complete all tasks that are required in this application packet.

    The Organization is encouraged to become a participating and advocating member of Keep Jackson Beautiful.

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