Proclamation of Civil Emergency for winter weather is still in effect as well as a system-wide boil water notice. Several water distribution locations have been set up across the city. Residents can report low/ no water pressure to 3-1-1 or 601-960-1778. For additional updates, visit our news section.


Proclamation of Civil Emergency and Curfew Order for Jackson youth is still in effect.


2021 Municipal Elections Voting Precinct Changes and Absentee Voting details info here.

City of Jackson Updates Related to Weather Impacts on City

Posted on February 19, 2021


February 19, 2021


JTRAN Closed and Garbage Collection Suspended for Residential Customers Saturday

(JACKSON, MS) – The City of Jackson is issuing the following updates for the evening of Friday, February 19, 2021, related to the severe cold weather that has impacted the area and actions being taken:


  • Low and no water pressure is continuing to impact residents across Jackson. We do not have a definitive timeline for when it will be restored, but crews are continuing to work to get water pressure increased across the system. We are seeing some progress and hope to begin to see relief in certain areas of the City as the pressure increases over the next 24 to 48 hours.
  • We are gauging progress by measuring the psi (pounds per square inch) in the water distribution system to track our progress. The goal is to reach around 90 psi at OB Curtis WTP and around 80 psi at JH Fewell WTP. We were at 37 psi when the cold front came through resulting in water outages throughout the City of Jackson and City of Byram. As of this afternoon, we were at 51psi. This is good, but we have further to go.
  • There are currently 13 confirmed water main breaks within the City of Jackson. As the ice melts it may expose more. We are working to assess these breaks and coordinate repairs.
  • If you do have water, we ask that you please continue to conserve it. Residents closer to the plants will see water pressure restored soonest. It will take longer for those farther away. Conserving water will allow your fellow Jacksonians to get back online faster.
  • The system-wide precautionary boil water notice is still in effect for all surface water and well water connections.


  • Today the City distributed approximately 26.5K bottles of drinking water to Jackson residents across several different locations, as well as nearly 7K gallons of non-potable water for flushing.
  • The City further delivered five (5) pallets of water donated by Kentwood to elderly and homebound residents.
  • Water distribution efforts for Saturday, February 20th will be focused on deliveries to the elderly and homebound.


  • The phones are working and we do have teams managing the lines however, the volume of calls is overwhelming the system. We ask that residents please reserve calls for visible water leaks and urgent needs for assistance. In addition to311, residents can call one of the following numbers:
    • 601.960.1111
    • 601-960-1777
    • 601-960-1781
    • 601-960-1778
    • 601-960-0379
    • 601-960-1779 


  • We ask that residents continue to exercise extreme caution when going outside or driving to get or deliver essential items. Please avoid any unnecessary travel.


  • GARBAGE COLLECTION SUSPENDED FOR RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS – Once Waste Management is able to resume collections, there will be no make-up days. Collections will go forward as scheduled, starting with the next collection day.


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