Mayor Extends Deadline for City Employees & Contract Workers to Provide Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination to October 15th


Mayor Lumumba Declares Local Emergency to Issue Temporary Contract


Mayor Lumumba issues updated Safe Recovery Jackson Executive Order.

UMS Meter & Billing Updates

The City of Jackson is working to repair the challenges you may have encountered with the water billing system.  Our holistic approach includes a partnership with Utility Metering Solutions (UMS) to make the state-of-the-art meter project a reality based on its experience doing so for other cities. UMS has installed more than a million meters a year since it was founded in 2009.

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The work has begun and is projected to be completed in November 2023.

The work will be performed during standard business hours of 8:00am - 5:00pm.


  • A UMS employee will replace your existing water meter with a new meter. UMS is an experienced contract and the work was performed in accordance with City of Jackson standards.
  • Your service will be interrupted for 15-20 minutes while the old meter was removed.
  • If your service was “ON” at the meter before installation, the service will be restored after the new meter was installed.
  • For water meter installation, your water line was flushed to remove air in the line.
  • If water is discolored, flush your line until clear by turning on your cold sink faucet or yard hose.
  • If your service was “OFF” at the meter before installation, we changed your meter and your service will be left “OFF.”
  • If this location does not have an active service agreement with the City for water sewer and sanitation, the meter was left in an “OFF” position. Please contact WSBA at 601-960-2000 or come to WSBA to enter into an agreement and restore water service at this location.

How To Set Up Your Profile Account?



Within the new portal, customers can:

  • View the account’s overall status and account’s billing history
  • Monitor their water usage in near real-time to understand how it affects their water bill
  • Make and cancel payments, with credit card payment being a new option
  • Communicate directly with customer support via text message or email in the portal
  • Manage account preferences and guest access


Jacksonians will still have the option to pay their water bill via phone, mail, at one of the many alternative payment locations, or in-person.  The new water billing portal will not impact the amount of customer’s bills, but it will help the City of Jackson ensure that customers no longer experience issues with stranded bills. 

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