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You can review the status of your public records request by selecting “View My Request” at any time. Or, if you are not using GovQA to submit your request, you may contact the City Clerk during normal business hours by dialing 601.960.1035.

Public records requests must be submitted in writing, according to the City’s Public Records Access Policy. This benefits and protects you, as the requestor. An online form is available for your convenience through our customer portal. You may also submit your request in person at the Office of the City Clerk, located on the 1st floor of City Hall – 219 S. President Street, Jackson MS; or you may mail your request to the City Clerk – P.O. Box 17 Jackson Mississippi 39205-0017.

In accordance with the City’s Public Records Access Policy, the City will respond to your request within seven (7) working days. Absent any reasonable delays, the City will provide the requested nonexempt public records within seven (7) working days from the date you tender payment of the invoiced fee that is required to reimburse the City for the actual cost of searching, reviewing and/or duplicating and, if applicable, mailing you copies of the requested nonexempt public records.

The appropriate City Department will invoice you a cost estimate for searching, reviewing and/or duplicating your nonexempt public records request. You will also be charged the cost of mailing if applicable. Upon receipt of this invoice, please either accept or reject it by indicating your desire to pay the invoiced fee. Invoiced charges for any staff time or contractual services will be at the pay scale for the lowest level City employee or City contractor competent to respond to your request. Photocopies of the requested public records are billed at $ 0.15 per page; certified copies are $1.50 each. The Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983 and the City’s Public Records Access Policy require you to pay this fee prior to the release of requested nonexempt public records.

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