FAQ Topic: Zoning

What is a re-zoning?

A re-zoning is an official change in the way that properties can be used and developed i.e. – change from a residential zoning classification to a commercial zoning classification.

I want to establish a business in the City of Jackson. What do I need to do?

For questions concerning the establishment of a business, please visit the division of Signs and Licenses on the first floor of the Warren Hood Building located at 200 South President Street, Jackson, MS 39205. Once there, please ask for a Business Entrepreneur Assistance Team (B.E.A.T.) coach to help you navigate the business licensing process.

I represent a non-profit organization that provides housing to low and medium income families. How can I obtain a tax forfeiture list of properties?

For a comprehensive list of available properties, please contact the Office of the Secretary of State at 601.359.1350 or send a written correspondence to P.O. Box 136, Jackson, MS 39205. Additionally, you can find more information here. If suitable property is found that is currently tax-forfeited property owned by the State, you may contact the … Continued

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