FAQ Topic: Codes

How can I obtain a building permit?

Building permits are issued by the Building Permit Division of the Department of Planning and Development on the third floor of the Warren Hood Building located at 200 South President Street, Jackson, MS 39205. For more information, please call 601.960.1159.

When is a building permit required?

You must obtain a building permit before breaking ground on any new construction, building an addition on to any existing structure, or altering an existing structure. A building permit is not required for basic, nonstructural repairs such as carpet replacement, painting, siding replacement or other work that does not enlarge or alter the basic structure of … Continued

How do I start a business in the city?

When you are ready to start a business in the City of Jackson, please visit the Department of Planning and Economic Development at 200 S. President Street to meet with a Business Entrepreneur Assistance Team (BEAT) member to walk you through the process.

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