Effective June 30, 2020: Per the Second Amended Stay Safe Jackson Executive Order, individuals in the City of Jackson are required to wear a face covering in public. Business owners must require all parties (employees, patrons, etc.) to wear a face covering. Businesses found in violation will be shutdown for 24-hours and must submit an Attestation of Compliance with the City of Jackson before reopening. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, call our Hotline at 601-586-3067 and fill out the Symptom Collector. If you are in need of mental health support during this time, call our Mental Health Warmline at 601-586-3073. 

Infrastructure Management


The mission of the Infrastructure Management Division is to provide efficient management of the City’s streets, bridges, drainages, and traffic infrastructure.

The Infrastructure Management Administrative Division is responsible for managing, coordinating, and overseeing the day to day operational activities of the streets, bridges, drainage, traffic maintenance, and parking meter maintenance sections. This section is also responsible for managing the annual Mosquito Abatement Program.

Paved Streets


The Paved Streets Division is responsible for repairing potholes, leveling up, patching, street depressions, ruts, settlements, repairing defected areas in pavement, and performing small street resurfacing projects. This section is also responsible for removing large debris from the traveled roadway, such as items that have fallen from vehicles and items that are illegally placed.

Bridges & Drainage


The Bridges and Drainage Division is responsible for repairing and replacing catch basins, storm drain inlets, storm drain pipes, and removing debris from drainage channels to promote proper drainage flow. This section is responsible for implementing a Corrugated Pipe Replacement Program. Many of our storm drain pipes are made of corrugated metal which have begun to rust and deteriorate, and the purpose of this program is to replace those storm drain pipes to promote proper drainage. This section is also responsible for trimming and removing dead trees from the City’s right of ways, and also removing trees that have fallen into drainage channels. During adverse weather, Bridges and Drainage is also responsible for removing fallen trees from City streets and responding to areas that are experiencing flooding issues. Bridges and Drainage is also responsible for administering the Street Sweeping Program and Herbicide Spraying Program.

Traffic Maintenance


The Traffic Maintenance Section is responsible for installing and maintaining regulatory and warning traffic control devices to ensure safe and efficient use of public streets and right of ways. This includes maintaining over 300 intersections and over 2,000 traffic signals. Traffic Maintenance is responsible for repairing and replacing damaged regulatory (i.e. stop signs) and street name signs, manufacturing regulatory and street name signs, striping City streets, and repairing malfunctioning traffic signals. Traffic maintenance is also responsible for assisting with City of Jackson special events by providing barricades and traffic control assistance.

Parking Meter Maintenance


The Parking Meter Maintenance Section is responsible for the daily management and maintenance of the parking meter system in the downtown area. This section is responsible for repairing meters and collecting revenue from meters, installing and removing parking meters, and bagging meters that have been reserved and paid for by vendors and businesses. To report any damaged or malfunctioning meters, please call 601-960-1168. For any questions regarding parking citations, please call 601-960-1359 or 601-960-2272. 

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