Mayor issues Executive Order further amending COVID-19 guidelines for City employees to include Contract workers effective Monday, August 23


Mayor Lumumba issues updated Safe Recovery Jackson Executive Order.

WSBA Water/Sewer Assistance Program

Enrollment available NOW through June 30, 2022 

Make your appointment today! Call WSBA at 601-960-2000 or Email at

Get a fresh start! Two payment plans are now available, plus considerations for special circumstances and a flat rate option for customers experiencing stranded bills. Water cut-offs will resume September 1, 2021. Please take advantage of this opportunity so you are not impacted.

1) Low-Income Assistance Plan (LIAP) – Available for any water/sewage arrearage to be paid off in 24 months.

  • If this is rental property, must show proof of participation in the MS Home Corp Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program (
  • Must pay current bill for the past three months
  • Must apply for any federal or state utility aid programs
  • Must pay current bill plus $10 for 24 months

2) Courtesy Payment Arrangement Plan (CoPAP) – Available for customers that do not qualify as low-income.

  • Must have a 1-inch meter or less
  • Must pay current bill for three months
  • Must agree to apply for any federal and state utility aid programs
  • Must pay 40% over 24 months

3) Special Circumstances Panel – Available for those experiencing extreme financial hardship. Special circumstances may include, but are not limited to:

  • Damages to fixtures
  • Financial hardship
  • Debt deemed uncollectible
  • Unforeseen damage due to weather

4) Stranded Bills Flat Rate – Available for those who know they have a balance, but have not recently received a bill. Special circumstances may include, but are not limited to:

  • Customers can request a flat rate so payments may begin in order to enter the program
  • Application required


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