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Proclamation of Local Emergency

Trash Pick Up Do's and Don'ts

The City of Jackson’s Water and Sewer Business Administration is now JXN Water. Click here.


PEG Network Off-Air Notice: We're relocating! PEG Network is temporarily off the air during this move. Your patience is appreciated. Stay updated at or follow City of Jackson on Facebook at

What if I haven’t received a bill?

If you have not received a bill, email and request to enroll in the appropriate payment plan. A customer service representative will contact you and provide a balance based on a flat rate charge.  

If you have not received a bill because you do not have an account we will help you start an account and back bill your charges based on your current lease agreement or mortgage deed. We will use this amount to start a payment plan once you have made three months of current charges and have applied for RAMP ERA funding.

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