2021-Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Lead and Copper Repeat Notification January 2023


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My services were interrupted. How do I get my services reconnected?

Delinquency occurs when a full payment is not made by the due date. If your services were interrupted due to non-payment, the amount owed on the bill and the late payment charge of $50.00 must be paid to restore services. You may come in to our offices to make a payment or you may pay online. If payment is made online, contact our offices at (601) 960-2000 to initiate reconnection of water service. Please document your payment confirmation number before calling. If a returned payment (e.g., NSF, Closed Bank Account, etc.) is applied on an account, and that account is then delinquent, services may be disrupted immediately.

Service will be restored within 48 business hours after your full payment is processed. To expedite the restoration of service, we strongly recommend that you make the payment using one of our approved methods.

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