According to the National Weather Service, Jackson is under a FLASH FLOOD WARNING. Water levels in the Pearl River are rising and citizens are urged to exercise caution and keep an Emergency Supplies Kit on hand.

SANDBAGS ARE AVAILABLE for pick up this Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm at 4225 Michael Avalon Street, Jackson, MS 39213. Si tu hablas Espanol, el marque aqui.

Can a homeowner obtain permits to perform work on their own property?

Yes, a person who owns and currently occupies (owner-occupant) a residential structure may act as a general contractor or plumber, obtain permits, and perform work associated with these professions. An owner-occupant, however, cannot perform electrical, heating, and air conditioning, or fuel gas work due to safety concerns. Qualified electrical, heating, air conditioning, and fuel gas (plumbers and/or heating and air conditioning) contractors and journeymen must be licensed with the City of Jackson.
Qualified contractors are required to obtain separate trade permits for their work (journeymen must work for a licensed contractor and are not eligible to obtain permits or offer their services independently of an employing contractor). A property owner-operator is responsible for any work they perform and must also obtain the necessary building or plumbing permits and schedule required inspections. Work must comply with all applicable building codes adopted by the City of Jackson.

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