Mayor Lumumba’s Sixth Amended Stay Safe Jackson Executive Order is still in effect for the City of Jackson. It is not rendered suspended or unenforceable by the Governor’s latest Executive Order – No. 1525.

Public Policy

The City of Jackson supports the following proposed legislative initiatives for consideration by the Mississippi State Legislature.

It is critical to address public policy actions through strategic planning and partnership.  The Mayor’s Office partners with various entities to achieve its public policy goals, development strategies, and achieve outcomes that better support the citizens of Jackson.

Boards and Commission

Initiatives and Task Forces

LGBTQ Liaison

Contact: 601-960-2363

To ensure that all citizens of Jackson feel respected and heard the City designates a liaison in the Mayor’s Office to strengthen its efforts. The mission of LGBTQ Liaison is to build a relationship and connect with the Human Rights Campaign to provide a listening ear for concerns and help to better develop strategies to address hate crimes. The goal is to ensure that the LGBTQ Community and the Mayor’s Office to maintain an open and trusting relationship.

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