Jackson Municipal Court Sessions

Initial AppearancesFor Felony Cases Defendants in Jail

Courtroom 127

10 AM10 AM10 AM10 AM10 AM
Misdemeanor Plea HearingsFor Defendants in Jail

Courtroom 127

Preliminary HearingsFor Felony Cases

Courtroom 127

11:15 AM11:15 AM11:15 AM
Contempt of Court HearingDefendants Must Show Cause For Failure to Pay / Work Off Fines, Fees, Assessments10:30 AM10:30 AM
Misdemeanor ArraignmentsDefendants Appear to Enter Pleas on Misdemeanor Charges (Defendants Out of Jail)9 AM9AM
Misdemeanor TrialsConvenes in Courtroom 127

The Docket is Split & Half  of 

Cases are Routed to Courtroom 131

2:30 PM2:30 PM2:30 PM
Traffic CourtParking / Traffic Only3 PM3 PM
Environmental CourtThis Court Will Hear Cases Filed on Violation of City & State Laws Per Citation Summons Issued By City Inspectors or Others.

Courtroom: 131

2nd Tuesday at 11 AM
Mediation HearingCourt Order Only for Citizen Dispute Resolution

Courtroom: 131

4th Tuesday at 6 PM
Drug CourtCourtroom: 1311st & 3rd Tuesdays at 4 PM

Municipal Court Judges

Judge Henry Clay, III (Senior Judge)

Judge Taurean Buchanan

Judge June Hardwick

Judge Jeffrey P. Reynolds

Judge Ali Shamsiddeen

Judge William (Bill) Walker, Jr

Kris Carmichael
Office Coordinator

Jackson Municipal Court
327 East Pascagoula Street
Jackson, MS 39201
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