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Jackson Redevelopment Authority

Mary Ealey
PO Box 1235
Jackson, MS 39215-1235

Union Station Reservations

For Union Station Special Event Reservations Call 601-960-1815 or email denised@jacksonms.gov Due to current coronavirus regulations restricting gatherings, reservations are suspended until further notice.


Due to the current coronavirus regulations as mandated by the City of Jackson, Mississippi and the Federal Government, certain operations are currently postponed or altered until further notice. This includes Public meetings and Special Events. For additional information or updates, call 601-960-1815 between the hours of 10am and 2pm Monday through Friday or send and email to JRAjanINFO@gmail.com.

About Us

Jackson Redevelopment Authority (JRA) was created pursuant to the Statutes of the State of Mississippi through a Resolution adopted by the City Council of Jackson on August 13, 1968.  JRA is governed by a Board of Commissioners that are individually appointed by the Mayor of Jackson and confirmed by the City Council.  JRA establishes Urban Renewal Areas throughout the City of Jackson; works to revitalize those areas by using land acquisition and by purchasing or implementing eminent domain; and,  has bonding capacity to assist with the revitalization of projects that are consistent with the Urban Renewal Plan and the City of Jackson’s Comprehensive Plan (Future Land Use Plans).  The primary function of JRA is to eradicate blight in the Urban Renewal Areas.  This includes the rehabilitation, conservation and redevelopment of areas of Jackson as is necessary in the interest of the public health, safety, moral and welfare of the residents of the city.  JRA also serves as the Parking Authority for the City.

Public Meetings

The Jackson Redevelopment Authority (JRA) Board of Commissioners Regular Monthly Meeting is on the 4th Wednesday monthly at 10 a.m., and normally held in the first floor conference room of the Richard Porter Building, 218 S. President Street, Jackson, MS 39201. However, due to COVID-19 Guidelines, public meetings of the Board of Commissioners are being conducted via teleconference as posted.

JRA Meetings

Bid Opening – JRA – July 19, 2021
Jul 19, 2021
2:00 pm
Jackson Redevelopment Authority Meeting
Mar 24, 2021
10:00 am

Jackson Redevelopment Authority Board

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