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Mayor Lumumba issues updated Safe Recovery Jackson Executive Order.

Information Systems

Dr. Muriel Reid
Deputy Director

353 S Congress St, Jackson, MS 39201

Information Systems

The Division of Information Systems trains and supports the City of Jackson's staff in the daily operations of computers, printers, and software applications. This division maintains and updates the network and servers, and it is responsible for the city's website and staff email. Our goal is to provide quality computer information management services for city departments.

Development & Support

Development & Support provides support and development for database development, PC Support, Email Support, software and hardware procurement, and Website administration and development for the City departments.

Database Management

Database Management group supports multiple City systems including the City's utility system, JUMS, and the City's financial system, JIMS (Jackson Information Management Systems), which is a fully integrated accounting system consisting of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Collections, Tax Collections, Payroll, Human Resources, Inventory, Job Costing, and several other small modules. Some of the development tools include Visual Basic, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

PC Support

PC Support provides PC and device support for the City's 2000+ personal computers and devices within the different City departments. It is our goal to provide quality support in a timely manner. This support includes installation, configuration, consulting and needs assessment for both hardware and software.

Web Development

Web Development provide City departments with a number of services in the area of web administration and development. These services include e-mail administration, installation and configuration, web page design for both internet and intranet sites, consulting, and needs assessment for both hardware and software.


The network infrastructure includes 2000+ devices and workstations connected to the Wide Area Switched Network. The downtown campus buildings, including Information Systems, City Hall, Warren Hood, Fire Headquarters, Police Headquarters, Planetarium, and MetroCenter are connected via single mode fiber running gigabit ethernet. The Wide Area locations, including Fire Stations, Police Precincts, Municipal Garage Complex, and other facilities, are connected via clear channel T1 circuits. The network also supports voice services for a Cisco AVVID IP Telephony System.

Systems Administration & Support

The Systems Support section provides support for several hardware platforms and multiple software tiers that are the components of the enterprise computing environment. Enterprise systems for the City's Departments are maintained and supported providing continued assistance and maintenance to ensure maximum productivity and minimal downtime.

Server and storage technologies provide enterprise-wide solutions including physical servers, virtual server technologies and SANs (Storage Area Networks).

This area is responsible for:

  • Server installation and maintenance
  • Enterprise Storage Area network
  • Virtualization design and support
  • Backup Services
  • Offsite data and replication
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