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How Do I?

Why Rezone?
Per Section 1703.02.1-A of the Zoning Ordinance)
, in order to obtain a change in the zoning classification of real property in the City of Jackson, Mississippi, the applicant must prove by clear and convincing evidence either of the following:

1.  there was a mistake in the original zoning, or
2.  there has been substantial change in the land use character of the surrounding area that justifies rezoning the property; and a public need for additional property in that area zoned in accordance with the request in said application since any previous City Council action.

Petition for a Zoning Action - (Rezoning, Special Exception, Use Permit, Variance or PUD)
A zoning action application must be submitted by the monthly filing deadlines.  The applicant will submit pages 1-3 of the application.  The Declaration page (page 3) must be signed and notarized by the owner of the property for the proposed zoning action.  

Property owners within a 160 ft., neighborhood associations within 1000 ft. of the requested zoning action and the City Council members must be notified by certified mail.  The letter will include the applicant’s request, the address of the property, and the current and proposed use of the property and the date of the Planning Board hearing. The applicant will submit the original certified mail receipts for each letter sent.   

Neighborhood Registration – Keep It Current (Neighborhood Registration Form)
In order for us to ensure that our neighborhood associations receive the notifications about Zoning and other land use related matters, we need the most current contact information for the organizations.  Your neighborhood registrations need to be updated annually and/or when the officers change.

Fees Associated with the Zoning Application

Rezoning, Use Permit and PUD - $501 for the first five (5) acres plus $30 for each additional acre.

Special Exception - $301. There is an annual renewal fee of $100.  The annual renewal is subject to City Council approval.

Variance- $301 plus $100 for each additional Variance request.

Are the application fees refundable?
The applicant may withdraw the request up to the day of the hearing and receive a refund. The application fees are non-refundable after the request has been heard by the Planning Board.   

What happens after the application has been submitted to the Zoning Division?
The Zoning Staff will prepare the legal ad for the requested zoning action.  The ad will be published in the City’s paper of general circulation twice with the first publication being at least fifteen (15) days prior to the Planning Board Hearing.  Staff will also post a sign on the property at least fifteen (15) days prior to the Planning Board Hearing indicating that that property will be considered for a zoning action.  Additionally staff will prepare a written report to the Planning Board that will include the relative information and a recommendation for the request.

The Planning Board will hear the relevant facts of the case from the staff, the applicant, supporters and opponents of the request.  Upon hearing facts relevant to the case, the Planning Board will take a vote to determine whether to recommend approval or denial of the requested action.  Their recommendation will be submitted to the City Council for their review and action.

Planning Board Hearing Schedules
The Planning Board Hearings are held at 1:30 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each month except for the holiday schedules for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Hearings are held in the Andrew Jackson Conference Room of the Warren A. Hood Building – Rm 105- 200 S. President St.

Appeal of the Planning Board Recommendation
An appeal to the Planning Board decision may be filed by the aggrieved party within fifteen(15) days after the Planning Board hearing.  The appeal must be submitted in writing.  Once the appeal is submitted the aggrieved party will need to contact the Court Reporter to get the transcripts prepared from the Hearing. The aggrieved party is responsible for the payment of the fess associated with the transcribing of the minutes and the notification to the parties of record regarding the appeal and the date the case will be presented to the City Council.

City Council Hearing
As the official legislative body of the city, the City Council conducts a special zoning hearing every third Monday of the month at 2:30 p.m. to vote on zoning related items. If the City Council votes to approve the matter, the change is effective in thirty days.  Rezoning requests will be final after thirty (30) days and publication of the final Ordinance.  The applicant is responsible for the costs associated with the publication of the rezoning.

Appeal of the City Council Decision
An appeal from the decision of the City Council may be made as provided by law for appeals from any order of the governing authorities of a municipality.

§ 11-51-75. Appeal to circuit court from board of supervisors, municipal authorities.  Any person aggrieved by a judgment or decision of the board of supervisors, or municipal authorities of a city, town, or village, may appeal within ten (10) days from the date of adjournment at which session the board of supervisors or municipal authorities rendered such judgment or decision, and may embody the facts, judgment and decision in a bill of exceptions which shall be signed by the person acting as president of the board of supervisors or of the municipal authorities.

NOTE: The above statement is an excerpt of the statutes from TITLE 11 - CIVIL PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE Chapter 51 – Appeals of the MS Code.


Zoning Administrator
Ester L. Ainsworth
200 S. President St.
Jackson, MS 39201
Ph: 601-960-2001

To Get Zoning of Property
Ph: 601-960-2037

GIS Technician
Jerrold Mitchell
Ph: 601-960-2037

Zoning Inspector Supervisor

Donnie Neely 
Ph: 601-421-6049

Site Plan Review Coordinator
Joseph Warnsley
Ph: 601-960-2253

Associate Planner
Ramina Aghili
Ph: 601-960-1857