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Applying for a Building Permit

Applying for a Building Permit
When applying for a permit, two complete sets of plans and four additional sets of site plans are required. One complete set will be returned to the applicant and must be kept at the project site during construction. Permit Fees are based on the amount and cost of the work to be performed.

Applications must be submitted and approved for all construction and major reconstruction of existing buildings with the City of Jackson. Permits must be obtained before any work is begun. If the site is zoned to allow the desired land use and the land has been previously platted, a four step process is involved to comply with the legal requirements to build a new structure, add an addition, and undertake a major remodeling project.

Permit Requirements for Construction Projects
  • City of Jackson MS Contractor’s Bond
  • Copy of State of MS Contractor’s License
  • Signed Contract between the Contractor and the Owner (Total cost of the job and Total price of all the subcontractors)
  • Copy of your Privilege Licenses

Building Code Analysis for Commercial Plans

Commercial Plans must include:
  • Summary of Project
  • Building Department contact: Kenneth W. Taylor, Building Official
  • Occupancy Classification
  • Construction Type
  • Automatic Sprinkler System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Calculated Occupant Load
  • Exit Capacity
  • Minimum Number of Exits
  • Travel Distance and Dead End Length
  • Minimum Number of Plumbing Fixtures
  • Fire Resistive Requirements
  • Life Safety Detail Sheet
New Residential Plans must include:
  • Two complete sets of building plans
  • Four sets of site drawings showing electrical, mechanical and plumbing fixtures
  • Elevation
  • Finish floor elevation
  • Water and sewer location
  • Silt fencing
  • Driveway width and radius
  • Size of your driveway
  • Setbacks of all four sides (front, back, and two sides)

Applicable Building Codes and Amendments
  • Building IBC 2003 Mechanical 2003 IBC
  • Plumbing IBC 2003 Gas 2003 IBC
  • Electrical NEC 2005 Accessibility
  • Fire 2003 IBC State