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Deputy Chief Joseph Wade

 Administrative Support Division
                                                                                                                                                   Deputy Chief Joseph Wade

Deputy Chief Joseph Wade:  601-960-1950
The Administrative Support Division functions as the infrastructure of the organization. The various units in the Administrative Support Division are dedicated to providing quality assistance to Enforcement Operations, enabling them to perform their mission in an effective, efficient, and professional manner. This division places high emphasis on not just the type of services rendered, but on how those services are delivered. Administrative Support consists of the following units and services:

Adult Holding and Processing Facility

Supervisor Marquette Allen

This facility furnishes secure detention for adults who have violated the laws of society and presented a threat to the community, subject to the determination of the courts. This unit is also an integral part of the Criminal Justice system.

Background Investigations Unit:

Cmdr. Samuel L. Gardner

The Background Investigations Unit is included in our Personnel Management Section.  The detectives gather pertinent information on applicants applying for JPD's available positions for both sworn and civilians.   This unit thoroughly explores information through the Circuit, Justice, Chancery and County court systems for action pending against the applicants or history of arrests.  They are responsible for investigating suspicious discrepancies and verifying the applicant's qualifying guidelines (education, military history, employment history, citizenship, and criminal history on the applicant and immediate family members).

Identification Unit

Patricia Jackson, Supervisor

The Identification Unit provides the highest quality of services to this department and other law enforcement agencies in the recognition, analysis, and interpretation of latent prints. The unit is equipped with an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and an applicant live scan system that aids in daily analysis of finger and latent print identification. The unit is also responsible for performing criminal background checks for citizens and other law enforcement agencies and fingerprinting the public.

Impound Lot
Officer George Jimerson

The Impound Lot Unit supports the Jackson Police Department by serving as a clearinghouse for all vehicles impounded by the Department through its enforcement efforts. It facilitates in the expeditious return of vehicles to victims of crime. The Impound Lot efficiently receives, secures, and releases vehicles impounded due to theft, criminal activity, or abandonment. Vehicles which remain unclaimed after 90 days are sold at a public auction (in compliance with the Mississippi state statutes).

Operations Center

Veria Wright, Manager

The Operations Center is a public service tool used to provide additional information to the City of Jackson's first responders in reference to public safety hazards or situations. More information can be
found here.

Personnel Management

Cmdr. Samuel L. Gardner

The Jackson Police Department’s Personnel Unit provides support (based on fairness and equality) for all employees by coordinating and implementing Human Resources and Risk Management policies and practices.

Planning & Research Unit

Cmdr. Samuel L. Gardner

This unit is included in our Personnel Management Section.  The primary function our Planning and Research Unit is the assimilation and distribution of information for the department. To accomplish this function, Planning processes numerous requests on a wide array of subject matters requested daily throughout the department, city, and general public.  Requests range from the simple to the truly complex.  It is also this Unit’s responsibility to update/rewrite the General Orders.  The primary goal of Planning and Research is to fulfill each request as expeditiously as possible with the proper diligence directed toward each request. 

Public Safety Communications
Veria Wright, Manager

The Public Safety Communications Center serves the general public and emergency responders by receiving and disseminating Calls for Service that includes:  911 calls, administrative calls, and radio calls that require either an emergency response or a general response from either Police or Fire.  They ensure a timely transfer and proper response for medical emergencies.  Also, Communications provide support to Police and Fire emergency responders.  More information can be found here.

Records Management Section

Sharon Gray, Manager

The Records Management Section is responsible for the paper flow of the Department. All offense reports, supplementary reports, crime lab reports, impounded vehicle reports, accident reports, expunged records, and executed warrants are received and housed in the Records Section. The Records Section also provides services to Jackson Public Schools, the Federal Probation Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, citizens, attorneys, and insurance companies. The Records Unit is responsible for completing subpoena and open records requests and releasing impounded vehicles. The Records Management Section is comprised of three (3) units. 
        1.  Records Unit
        2.  Data Entry 
        3.  Imaging/Teleserve 

Standards and Training

Cmdr. Herman Horton

Training is essential to performance.  The Training Academy promotes professional law enforcement standards in the City of Jackson through the delivery of high quality basic and specialized in-service training, with emphasis on ethics and partnerships with the community.  Our Police Athletic League (PAL) program and the Police Explorers program are essential tools to aid in the development of young minds, bodies, and character.  

It is our objective to extend training to all law enforcement agencies throughout the state and region at our Training Academy.  The JPD Firing Range is also included in this section.  It is one of the largest firing ranges in the state with a computerized 64 Action Target system including an incorporated running man system, turn target capability, and multiple firing lanes.

Firing Range

The Firing Range hosts annual qualifications as well as specialized training for multiple agencies.  The staff coordinates and instructs all basic firearms training and quarterly firearms qualifications for sworn and reserve officers.  To facilitate interaction between the community and the police department, the Range hosts our Citizen's Police Academy.

Vehicle Management Unit

Officer George Jimerson

Vehicle Management oversees the purchasing, receiving, maintaining, and organizing of the entire fleet of vehicles and equipment. The Jackson Police Department is responsible for public safety and for the safety of our officers who are responding to you.  Vehicle Management ensures that the Department is capable of carrying out these functions.