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Zoning Division

The Zoning Ordinance
The official zoning ordinance guides orderly growth by regulating the size, height and use of buildings; where they are located on individual lots; and how they relate to streets and other buildings in the general area. The ordinance consists of two parts:

  • Zoning text establishes zoning districts and sets forth regulations governing their uses and developments.
  • Zoning maps show the locations and boundaries of the zoning districts.

Types of Zoning Districts within the City of Jackson

The City is divided into several zoning districts: Residential (R), Commercial (C), Industrial (I) , Mixed Use (MU), Planned Unit Developments (PUD), Special Use Districts (SUD), and Overlay Districts (OLD). These basic districts are further divided into a variety of lower, medium, and higher density districts.

Any of these districts may be overlaid by special purpose zoning districts, which address urban and architectural design issues specifically tailored to the unique characteristics of certain neighborhoods. There are also additional standards imposed for properties within a local Historic District.

Each zoning district regulates:
  • Permitted uses
  • The placement and height of the building, which are regulated by required front, side and rear setbacks and specific height regulations
  • The maximum amount of the lot that can be covered by a building (percentage of lot coverage)
  • For residential uses, the number and type of dwelling units permitted and amount of open space required between buildings
  • The amount of parking required, and
  • Other features applicable to quality site design

Uses Permitted
The uses permitted on a property are determined by the zoning district. Each district has a list of uses permitted and this information can be found in the Official Zoning Ordinance. If you need to review only one chapter, use the links provided below.

Zoning Action Applications For Current Month Cases

Zoning Action Cases for Next Month

Proposed Text Amendments for July 2018

Zoning Administrator
Ester L. Ainsworth
200 S. President St.
Jackson, MS 39201
Ph: 601-960-2001

To Get Zoning of Property
Ph: 601-960-2037

GIS Technician
Jerrold Mitchell
Ph: 601-960-2037

Zoning Inspector Supervisor

Donnie Neely 
Ph: 601-421-6049

Site Plan Review Coordinator
Joseph Warnsley
Ph: 601-960-2253

Associate Planner
Ramina Aghili
Ph: 601-960-1857