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Business Licenses

Anyone who conducts business in the City of Jackson must obtain a Business License, except for businesses that are specifically exempted by state or federal statue. Business License fees must be paid before the business opens and are renewable annually.

Applications for a Business License should be filled out, notarized and returned to the Signs and License Division located on the first floor of the Hood Building. They must have the following information:

Name(s) of the person(s) associated with the business on the application.

Proper Fee Payment. Most fees are determined by either the number of employees or the amount of the inventory.

During the process, the Zoning Division must approve and stamp the application. Required inspections will be done before the license is issued.

Required Inspections

Health Department Inspections are required for child care providers and anyone preparing or serving food. The applicant is responsible for obtaining approval of the County and/or State Health Department, and inspection verification must accompany the Business License application.

Fire Inspections are required before a license can be issued. The Signs and License Division will arrange for this inspection after applications are filed.

Police Inspections are required for certain types of businesses including those serving beer and wine, pawn brokers, and others. The Signs and License Division will arrange for these inspections after applications are filed.

Business License Fees

No. of Employees

License Fee Due

0-3: $20.00

4-10: $30.00

Over 10: $30.00 plus $3.00 for each employee over 10 up to a maximum of $150.00.

Miscellaneous Fees

Amusement Machines (per machine)

Autos for Hire (per vehicle)

Auto Vacuum Machines

Beer License (Retail)

Beer License (Wholesale)

Cigarette Dealer (Wholesale)

Cigarette Vending Machines

Dance Hall Permit

Dealer in Deadly Weapons

Domino Parlor Permit (per table)

Hobby Horse Machines (per machine)

Massage Parlor Permit

Merchandise (Snack Machines)

Music Machines (per machine)

Pawn Broker

Postage Stamp Machines

Soft Drink Machines

Travel Agency

Travel Agent

Transient Vendor

Weighting Machine

Operation of various types of business must be in compliance with all city, state, and federal regulations including zoning.

Home Occupation Permits

Businesses operated from the home of an individual must obtain a Home Occupation Permit from the Zoning Division. A Home Occupation Permit offers services to the public but has numerous restrictions:

No retail trade and no stock on the premises

No increase in traffic to and from the dwelling

No mechanical equipment other than that normally permitted for household purposes and no signs permitted

No employees except for a member of the family residing on the premises

No display or artificial lighting that will indicate from the exterior that the dwelling is being utilized in whole or in part for any purpose other than that of a dwelling

No changes to the exterior of the structure

A permit granted for a home occupation will be given on a yearly basis by the Zoning Administrator only during the occupancy or ownership of the person to whom it was granted.

For More Information Contact:

Terry Coleman, Manager
Signs and License Division
200 S. President St., Room 130
Jackson, MS 39201

Terry Coleman
Manager Signs and License Division

200 S. President St.
Room 130
Jackson, MS 39201

Ph: 601-960-1154