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88570-060920 Twenty-Four Months Supply of Aluminum Chloral Hydrate(ACH)

For: Mississippi Link For Publication: May 14 & May 21, 2020

NOTICE TO BIDDERS City of Jackson Jackson, Mississippi

Sealed, signed bids are invited and will be received by the City of Jackson, Mississippi, until 3:30 P.M. in the City Clerk’s Office of Jackson, the bid must be stamped in by 3:30 P.M. Tuesday, June 09, 2020, at which time said bids will be publicly opened at the City Hall located at 400 E. Silas Brown Street in City Hall for the following:

18086-060920 Twenty-four Month Supply of Soda Ash 19090-060920 Twenty-four Month Supply of Citric Acid (Liquid Form) 88536-060920 Twenty-four -Month Supply of Polymer 88538-060920 Twenty-four Month Supply of Liquid Chlorine 88544-060920 Twenty-four Month Supply of Alum 88570-060920 Twenty-four Month Supply of Aluminum Chloral Hydrate (ACH) 88575-060920 Twenty-four Month Supply of Fluorosilicic Acid 88579-060920 Twenty-four Month Supply of Potassium Permanganate 88584-060920 Twenty-four Month Supply of Sodium Chlorite 88596-060920 Twenty-four Month Supply of Anhydrous Ammonia 88597-060920 Twenty-four Month Supply of Hydrated Lime

BIDS ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON THE CITY OF JACKSON WEBSITE, and Central Bidding . The above must comply with the City’s specifications. Copies of proposal forms can be obtained from the Purchasing Division, 200 South President Street, Room 604, Hood Building, and Jackson, Mississippi 39201. Copies of bid specifications are filed with the City Clerk for public record in accordance with House Bill No 999, 1986 Regular Session of the Mississippi Legislature.

The City of Jackson is committed to the principle of non-discrimination in Public Purchasing. It is the policy of the City of Jackson to promote full and equal business opportunities for all persons doing business with the City. As a pre-condition to selection, each contractor, bidder or offer shall submit a completed and signed Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) Plan Application, with each bid submission, in accordance with the provisions set forth by authority of the City of Jackson’s EBO Ordinance. Failure to comply with the City’s EBO Ordinance shall disqualify a contractor, bidder or offer, from being awarded an eligible contract. For more information on the City’s EBO Program, please contact the Office of Economic Development at (601)960-1638. Copies of the EBO Ordinance, EBO Plan Application and a copy of the EBO Program are available with the Office of Economic Development at 218 South President Street, Second Floor, and Jackson, Mississippi.

The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids. The City also reserves the right to waive any and all informalities in respect to any bid submitted. Bid awards will be made to the lowest and best bidder quoting the lowest net price in accordance with specifications. The award could be according to the lowest cost per item; or to the lowest total cost for all items; or to accept all or part of any proposal. Delivery time may be considered when evaluating the bid proposal. In those cases where it is known prior to advertising that the City’s intention is to award according to the lowest total cost for all items, or in some variation thereof, statements to this affect will be included on the proposal form. Absence of such statement means the City will make that determination during the bid review.

Destiney Williams, Manager Purchasing Division (601) 960-1533 or (601) 960-1025

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